Healthcare Facilities Turning to Advanced Pipe Repair for Quality Maintenance

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Advanced Pipe Repair has begun working with healthcare companies in Texas on quality pipe system maintenance plans.

Dallas, TX (PRUnderground) November 15th, 2019

To meet the growing demand for healthcare services in Texas, healthcare providers are increasingly turning to Advanced Pipe Repair. The population surge in many Texan communities has changed the way companies, including healthcare businesses, respond to customers. Many of them have had to shift how they run operations and make staffing changes. Increased demand means more wear and tear on facilities, and property owners and operators need to ensure they can stay open.

An important way to keep the doors open is to make sure the plumbing systems are in great shape. It helps prevent water or sewer emergencies that could incur significant cost and affect a healthcare facility’s ability to see and serve patients. In response, Advanced Pipe Repair has begun working with healthcare companies in Texas on quality pipe system maintenance plans.

Regular Inspections as Preventative Maintenance

Good facility and real estate managers understand the principle of preventative maintenance. A small investment before major repairs are required extends the lifespan of pipe systems and is a great way to spot problems before they become emergencies. At Advanced Pipe Repair, our technicians partner with healthcare facilities to create maintenance schedules that fit each company’s rhythm of business.

A Trusted Maintenance Partner

Whenever a company is faced with capital expenditures, they want to know their money is being used wisely. Dollars spent fixing pipe systems could have been used to hire staff, improve services, and increase the quality of care. Healthcare facility managers want to know that the money they’re spending on pipe repair is necessary. Advanced Pipe Repair has built its reputation in years of business by partnering with clients. Their long-term approach is reassuring to clients because they know when Advanced Pipe Repair recommends a repair, it’s warranted.

For years, Advanced Pipe Repair has set the standard for quality maintenance in Texas. As more people migrate to Texas communities, healthcare facilities will be under increased strain to meet their care demands. Maintaining pipe systems and scheduling regular inspections helps healthcare companies stay open and avoid untimely disruptions.

If you are involved with a healthcare facility and need information on our quality maintenance process, contact us today. Our team stands ready to respond to any request, whether it’s an emergency or standard procedure. We’ll do our best to make sure your pipe systems are in great shape and hold up so you can provide the care your clients expect.

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