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HealthZone Dietary Supplement Provides Nutrition for the Gut

Industry: Health & Fitness

SUPER PROBIOTIC Zone Helps Restore Healthy Gut Bacteria

Boca Raton, FL (PRUnderground) May 30th, 2023

SUPER PROBIOTIC Zone dietary supplement helps balance the good bacteria in the body’s gut.

“Our dietary supplement contains both the medium and the culture, which allows it to survive your stomach acids,” said Stuart Vaughan, CEO of HealthZone in New Mexico. “The nutrients are released in the large intestine, which helps to repopulate the gut flora.

“SUPER PROBIOTIC Zone encourages a great number of strains to become active,” he added. “When your gut has a healthy balance of bacteria, it aids in nutrient absorption.”

Vaughan said people often think bacteria is bad for their health.

“They don’t realize that probiotics provide good bacteria in the gut, which help support digestion and provide additional potential health benefits,” he added. “When the gut has too much bad bacteria, research suggests it can lead to health problems. As you can see, a healthy gut can lead to a healthy body.

“Our unique blend of medium and culture has been formulated to ensure the right variety of culture is activated in the gut,” Vaughan added. “With our proprietary blend, the nutrients specifically target the gut and large intestines.

“Our dietary supplements are better absorbed by the body,” he added.

Other HealthZone dietary supplements use Mineral Transporter technology, which sends nutrients to specific parts of the body, and Enzymatic Processing, which enables nutrients to reboot the gut and large intestines.

HealthZone dietary supplements will soon launch in the United States, including:

  • STRESS Zone
  • LIVER Zone
  • MULTI Zone
  • IMMUNE Zone
  • MUSCLE Zone
  • HEART Zone

“Our SUPER PROBIOTIC Zone helps reduce bloating, constipation, and IBS by increasing gut flora activity,” he added.

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About HealthZone

HealthZone, a health and wellness company based in New Mexico, develops dietary supplements that send nutrients to specific parts of the body. HealthZone supplements target the zone that’s requiring attention. HealthZone products depend on two patents: Mineral Transporter and Enzymatic Processing. Mineral Transporter technology enables nutrients to be transported across the cell membrane while Enzymatic Processing helps reboot a specific part of the body.

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