Hearing impairment is more common in men than women

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Have you noticed men are roughly three times more plausible to develop hearing loss as compared to women?

Middletown, DE (PRUnderground) August 24th, 2022

Have you noticed men are roughly three times more plausible to develop hearing loss as compared to women?

When we talk about hearing loss men tend to lose their ‘hearing’ in the higher level frequency first. For women, hearing loss normally happens in the lower level frequencies.

Have you ever wondered how this affects communication between the genders? This means women are less likely to understand vowels, and men are less likely to understand constants. As you can understand, this generates an array of misinterpretations and can strain a relationship. At last, an explanation for the misunderstanding!

Loss of Hearing is also more common than you may believe. Around 50 million people in the United States are impacted, and on average, only 1 in 3 people who need hearing aids use them. Why is that? Many will say it is because of expensive hearing aids.

A health survey found that men between the ages of twenty to sixty-nine “had nearly twice Hearing impairment as women.”

Why? Professionals don’t know for sure. But most agree on a popular theory: “noise provoked hearing loss is one of the leading causes of hearing loss, thus the difference is not just biological but due to the work condition and lifestyle differences between men and women. This is because men are commonly the ones who are more exposed to the louder surroundings.

The biological degradation of our hearing can be increased or decreased depending on our efforts as adults. Being around unnecessary noise, working in noisy conditions, and even bad addictions like smoking can impact your ability to hear later in life. Because of this, being assertive in protecting your ears is one of the simple things you can do to effectively avoid hearing loss. However, many people ignore to use sufficient protection when they’re around noisy sounds. This unreasonable noise can wear down your hearing over a period, leading to hearing loss. While this is not unusual, many men find themselves in loud circumstances more often than women.


Construction is one of the occupations. With heavy machinery, noisy power tools, and constant hammers, those operating in construction are regularly confronted with constant loud, unavoidable noise. If they are operating every day for several years, this can contribute badly to hearing loss later in life.

Military, where shouting and gunfire aren’t avoidable sounds. A man serving in the trucking industry might also experience heavy noise, along with manufacturing, mechanics, and other forms of labor. While women in these occupations suffer the same level of hearing loss, there is a bigger number of men serving such jobs across the earth. No wonder, these men often experience higher percentages of hearing loss, and sadly at younger ages.

Noisy Hobbies

Another big factor in the gender divide is the discrepancy in hobbies between the genders. A lady might pick up knitting needles or a paintbrush or classical music when selecting a new hobby. Men often believe they are compelled to seek more masculine hobbies, such as workshops, motorcycles, or firearms. Unlike art or craft, these hobbies expose men to large amounts of excessive noise.

The accelerating of a motorcycle, gunfire while hunting, and the whir of a drill are all loud sounds that can harm your hearing. If these noises are repeated often, they can take a severe toll. Even the continual sound of a lawn mower can harm your ears, especially if you mow your lawn every week for a few years. Many men also like themselves drawn to loud environments in their free time, including sports games, rock concerts, and car races. There is no way to avoid the noise in these environments, which makes hearing protection essential.

Still, many men prefer to skip wearing ear plugs or earmuffs. While these things might appear unnecessary or embarrassing, they can protect your sense of hearing over a long period. There are a few precautions to prevent Hearing Loss in men

To avoid hearing loss, Melofair recommends investing in a good, cheap and discreet  hearing aids, comfortable, soft, reliable pair of earplugs. These mostly come with carrying cases, so they can be kept in quickly accessible locations. These Tiny, Invisible and Latest Technology Hearing Aids for your hearing loss can be made with various materials, including wax and foam, and most drug suppliers carry some kind of ear protection.

Here are a few more tips you should start using immediately: Try to stay away from unnecessary noise. If you have to shout instead of speaking over a sound, it is too noisy. Get off yourself from the circumstance if you can, or wear ear protection without any hesitation.

Restrict the time you spend around noisy sounds. Sometimes you are helpless to avoid being in a noisy place, but try to get off and do not spend any more time there than is compulsory.

Don’t hesitate and use hearing protection. By using hearing protection, you can lessen the decibel level by 15 to 30 dB

Try to quit smoking. The habit of tobacco use on a regular basis has been associated with hearing loss. This habit is neither inevitable nor good for health.

Consult a doctor about your medications. Many medicines like antibiotics, cancer-fighting drugs, and a few pain relievers such as acetaminophen and aspirin are directly associated with hearing damage. If possible avoid taking such drugs, and find alternatives. In case of unavoidable drugs take preventive steps for hearing loss

If you care about your aural health or want to motivate a friend, or relative to look after their hearing, getting a hearing test is the first step. If there is some damage to your ears, an audiogram can help to have an idea of how severe or mild your problem is. From this hearing test, you can seek out a hearing care provider. However, regardless of your gender, you can benefit from taking care of your hearing. It’s an invaluable gift that can better your life for years to come. There is no requirement to be in suspicion, schedule your free hearing test today! And buy a good hearing aid with a precise sound amplifier. Visit Melofair Now!

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