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Hemp Organisation Pvt. Ltd. is a leading hemp manufacturer and hemp fibre exporter in India

New York, NY (PRUnderground) July 28th, 2022

Hemp has existed for a long time, but people are only now realising its potential. Hemp Organization Pvt. Ltd. is working towards the propagation of industrial hemp after knowing the number of benefits that it can provide to all.

Gone are the days when manufactured goods received all of the attention. Because of the unending potential of hemp, it can be used in a variety of industries. Today, hemp is making a big comeback with the Hemp Organization in India due to its health benefits, versatility, and many other reasons.

Promoting Legal Hemp Cultivation

While a lot of people are still unaware that hemp isn’t legal to grow and consume in India, the Hemp Organization is trying to educate people about the use and consumption of hemp organic products throughout India and other nations in a legal manner.

It knows the importance of sustainable and biodegradable products, and this is how the birth of several hemp products has come into existence.

India’s No. 1 Hemp Cultivator

It is an innovative company that provides a huge range of hemp-based products to businesses, households, and institutions around the world. It deals in the cultivation, processing, and manufacturing of 100% organic and sustainable hemp products.

Endorsing Biodegradable and Sustainable Products

It stands out from other companies in terms of using organic hemp seeds, the latest technology, and state-of-the-art machinery to create top quality hemp products for you. It sells hemp fiber, hemp hurds, hemp seeds, hemp oil, and many other hemp products.

Supporting the Farmers

One of the end goals is to support Indian farmers through training and reliable value for the hemp they grow. The company also offers consultation to other farmers and educates them on hemp manufacturing and use.

It has been catering to the farmers for a long time by providing all the necessary tools and machines necessary for certifying the hemp grown in the plantation process.

About the Company

Hemp Organisation Pvt. Ltd. is a leading hemp manufacturer and hemp fibre exporter in India. Its operational excellence and commitment to quality have enabled it to be the largest hemp cultivator in India, catering to the raw material requirements of a huge array of end-users.

Founded by “Jaspreet Singh ” – a Hemp enthusiast who is on a mission to educate-cultivate-elevate the importance of wonder plant “Hemp”. The company is definitely following a unique approach to the cultivation and marketing of hemp, based on inclusive partnerships with farmers throughout India, working alongside them to grow hemp and get great value in return for their work. Hemp is the future, and so is the time to join this revolution with the Hemp Organization.

For further enquiries and collaborations, reach out to Hemp organization to following details :

Website: https://www.hempinindia.com/

Email id: jaspreet@hempinindia.com

About Hemp Organization Pvt. Ltd

Hemp In India is the origin of Hemp Organisation, working on its way towards a greener future and most importantly greener present. If we do not change our approach, lifestyle, and will to bring our earth back to its old glory.

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