Hengwin’s Announces Men’s Travel Bag Available for Volunteers

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This collection from Hengwin helps volunteers in keeping their daily essentials while battling coronavirus outbreak.

SHENZHEN, China (PRUnderground) April 21st, 2020

Hengwin announces today that they will bring crossbody bags for travel available for volunteers to use. This collection provides flexibility, comfort, and security for volunteers in keeping all their daily essentials safe and in place, especially during coronavirus outbreak.

Hengwin has been manufacturing leather-made phone holsters and bags for many years. They are well-known for their men’s travel bags that are perfect for any outdoor activities and harsh work environment. These travel bags are design to fit men’s appearance that features genuine leather, more spacious compartments, more durable belt loops, thick straps, and water-resistant materials.

During this coronavirus outbreak, more and more people are helping and supporting each other to fight this infectious disease. As the number of coronavirus cases continues to rise, volunteers from different organizations are working very hard to guarantee that exposed people all over local communities can get the help they need.

Thousands of volunteers are bringing medications, groceries, and other helpful materials to vulnerable people. They also travel to many places to respond to public health emergencies like this disease outbreak.

The job of volunteers is difficult, especially during this outbreak season, where they are also at risk of getting infected by this infectious disease. They have to stay safe and healthy to keep themselves away from any sickness.

To respond to any urgent tasks and emergencies, volunteers must carry their phones always. However, holding a phone always in their hands is not very convenient in this type of work.

Thankfully, Hengwin introduces a set of flexible and convenient men’s travel bag perfect for any environment. They are compact, lightweight, and spacious to keep all your daily essentials safe and in place. For volunteers, who always have to carry their phones and other stuff such as their IDs, keys, driver’s license, cash, and credit cards, then these travel bags are perfect to hold these stuff safely wherever they go.

These leather belt bag are made with thick authentic leather and water-resistant materials to protect all your essentials from any weather. Some bags come with a durable and adjustable crossbody strap so you can wear them as a crossbody or sling bag. They can be easily attached in the belt also using their belt clip or belt loop. In this way, you can have your phone with you without the need to hold them always.

“Very nice looking leather bag. I was looking for something that could carry my phone, cash, and other small items for travel. I have a larger sling bag but sometimes it is just too much. This is perfect.” – Reviewed by Phillip Spizzirri, a verified Amazon purchaser.

Volunteers should always be alert whenever they are needed. There’s no need to carry a wallet or a large sling bag if you have this in your belt, making it easier to access your phone, IDs, driver’s license, cash and credit cards anytime you need them.

To know more about this collection, kindly reach out to Rob Castillo at contact@hengwincase.com or visit Hengwin Case Website at www.hengwincase.com.

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Hengwin is known for manufacturing specialized leather and nylon products over the years. Using only premium high quality materials, we have a wide selection of easy to carry leather holsters, waist bag and leather bags.

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