Hinfo Guest Digital Compendium: Access Easily via our Mobile App and New Website

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Hinfo.com has been revamped to become the single source for everything about their guest digital compendium. All aspects of the Hinfo service are now available with a bright and dark interface.

Melbourne, Australia (PRUnderground) March 24th, 2020

Hinfo is the successor to traditional hotel compendiums, to improve communication between each property’s management team and their guests. The Hinfo service is accessible on all devices guests already bring to each property, including smartphones, tablets and laptops. Hinfo caters to all accommodation types, including hotels, motels, apartments, resorts, backpackers, cottages, lodges, holiday homes etc.

Today, Hinfo launched a brand-new website to cater for all aspects of the service. Property managers can visit Hinfo.com to learn more about their digital hotel solution. Managers can update their property and local area information via the Hinfo CMS (Content Management System). Guests can also access your property details on any device with a web browser, as an alternative to their mobile app. This is viable with over 3.7 billion smartphones and tablets used regularly worldwide.

Hinfo.com is now our single source for everything about our digital hotel compendium.” says Neil Houlston, Founder of Hinfo. “Property managers can learn more about how our service complements their property’s operations and manage content in our Hinfo CMS. It also provides guests with a web-based alternative to our mobile apps. Guests can access Hinfo via their own smartphones, tablets and laptops using any web browser.

As part of this announcement, Hinfo.com now supports both a bright and dark interface in all aspects of the website, to complement their light and dark themed iPhone/iPad and Android apps. Hinfo.com is amongst the first websites in the world, to support light and dark mode on every webpage.

Although the current pandemic is affecting most of the world, properties joining Hinfo now can take advantage of the time to complete their initial setup. Hinfo are offering cost effective payment terms to suit you, based on the date you release the service for your guests to use.

Hinfo brings many features to your property’s operations, not possible or cost-effective via any other method, both traditional and digital. This includes unlimited information updates that are delivered automatically to all guests, multi-language support and personalized to complement your property’s colours and fonts.

To learn more about the Hinfo Guest Digital Compendium, please visit Hinfo.com.

About App IT Byte (Developers of Hinfo)

Hinfo is a product developed by App IT Byte, an Australian owned I.T. software innovator based in Melbourne.

App IT Byte solves real industry problems, by building smart and efficient solutions that create new opportunities not previously possible.

Hinfo is a product of the business exploring what smart devices are capable of, to create new experiences that their clients love to use.

App IT Byte stands for being innovative, creative and efficient, and these values are reflected in their products and services.

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