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Before buying, I wanted a commuting tool that could help me exercise, but due to a long period of inactivity, I preferred not to be too tired when cycling. It would be even better if I could ride with my kids on park trails during holidays. Fortunately, HiPEAK BONA met all my needs.

Los Angeles, CA (PRUnderground) March 22nd, 2023

Imagine this: on a typical workday, it takes nearly 20 minutes from leaving your home and walking to the entrance of your community, passing through security, swiping your card to take the subway, and finally entering the train. If you had an electric bike next to you at this moment, I believe you would not hesitate to ride it. You could arrive at your company in less than 20 minutes.

HiPeak Folding Electric Bike Is Valuable

“Are you out of your mind? $1,299 for a little crappy bike?” Why don’t I just buy an electric motorcycle? ” I won’t deny that most of my friends thought that when they didn’t know any better, including myself at the beginning.

Joking aside, some netizens who purchased the HiPeak folding electric bike said, “Before buying, I wanted a commuting tool that could help me exercise, but due to a long period of inactivity, I preferred not to be too tired when cycling. It would be even better if I could ride with my kids on park trails during holidays. Fortunately, BONA met all my needs.”

As for the price, personally, I think it’s best to choose a product that falls within the upper range of your budget if you want to buy something. There are always reasons why things are either expensive or cheap, but if you buy something cheap and it works fine, then that’s great. However, if it keeps having issues and you end up losing money and then have to buy something expensive later, I always feel like it’s not worth it. If the price isn’t right, the probability of having problems is high. Most of us just don’t have the time and energy to deal with this.

In fact, the folding e-bikes produced by HiPeak company have a competitive price advantage in the market. The prices of other brands of similar bikes are mostly above $1500, and some are even more expensive. Most importantly, HiPeak has great value for the specs.

HiPeak gives the rider a very harmonious state

If you have ridden the normal bikes, you will definitely have this feeling. First of all, once you start pedaling, you feel very tired, which is completely torturous; secondly, when I pedal, my legs spin very fast, but the bike doesn’t move much.

The feature of HiPeak products is that when the rider wants to pedal the bike, the power-assisted system will naturally assist you, making you feel a bit easier during the moments when pedaling becomes most tiring. At the same time, there is not much difference from riding a regular bike, which is a very natural state.

Static performance

HiPeak’s Bona and Elias is all about refinement and simplicity. Let’s look at the details:

Exquisite apperance

The body paint is smooth and delicate. No matter when you stop by the side of the road to drink coffee, or when you take your children to ride on the greenway for a rest, or even when you are at the door of your house, there are passers-by who exclaim: Wow, your bicycle is really exquisite, isn’t it cheap?

Seat height

The height of the Bona seat can be adjusted. When it is adjusted to a suitable height, press the quick-release buckle to complete the fixation. It is very firm and there is no need to worry about the seat falling down.

Long Range Battery

The battery and saddle of the Bona and Elias bikes are removable. During charging, you can remove the battery and take it home to charge separately. As for the charging time, the last time I charged it from zero to full, it took about 6 hours, and the power will automatically cut off after it is fully charged. The recommended charging time for the 48V 15Ah lithium battery is no more than 5-7 hours, overcharging is definitely not recommended.


The handlebar of the BONA ebike is a flat handlebar. After adjusting the sitting position to fit my height of 172cm, my hands can naturally rest on the handlebar and the body can lean forward normally. The texture of the handlebar is also good, and it feels comfortable to touch with some elasticity. There is a bell button on the left thumb, which produces a crisp sound when pressed. The downshift switch of the crankshaft transmission is located on the right thumb, and the upshift switch is located on the index finger. The small screen on the left side of the handlebar shows the gear display.

Instrument panel facility

The LCD instrument can display the real-time speed, remaining power, total mileage, mileage subtotal, power level and headlight on status. Press and hold the button on the upper left for 3 seconds to turn off the power, click to turn on/off the headlights and taillights, and double-click to display the one-way/total historical mileage. Short press the button in the lower left corner to switch the assist level, and double-click to switch the KM/MPH display.

I took pictures under strong sunlight, and the visibility is very good, and the instrument display can be seen clearly during actual riding. There is a USB charging port under the meter. It’s perfect to install a mobile phone holder on the handlebar by yourself.

Lighting effects

Originally, I thought that the bicycle headlights could at most play a warning role, but I didn’t expect the effect to be so good. This can be said to be a surprise for a bicycle, the brightness is very good, and the illumination range can fully meet the needs of use when the light is not good. When the headlights are turned on, the taillights will also be turned on at the same time, and the brightness of the taillights will increase when braking, which can play an obvious warning role to the rear.

Dynamic performance

Electric assist experience

Core feature of this Bona is the pedal assist based on speed sensing technology. The bike uses a 750W 48V brushless rear motor, the outer rotor hub type is placed on the rear axle.

In particular, it should be emphasized that this bike can send commands to the controller by turning the right hand handle to make the motor rotate to generate power; It is also possible to start the bike by stepping on the pedals with both feet, and the motor provides assistance as an auxiliary function. As mentioned above, in the riding state, the power assist level can be switched by pressing the instrument button. There are a total of 7 levels of power assist system, which can be switched at will.

If you select 0, there will be no electric power assist at all. At this time, Bona is a pure variable speed bicycle. There is no dragging or pulling feeling when pedaling, and the speed is very natural, just like ordinary bicycles.

However, when the power assist level is adjusted to the highest level, a very natural force is applied to the rear wheel and transmitted to the pedals through the chain at the moment of starting. Pushed from behind, without any sense of abruptness, it was easy to set off.


Since it is electric drive, the concept of cruising range definitely needs attention.

In this weather (the temperature is around 0-10 degrees), it takes almost two days to charge once when the power boost level reaches the highest level, and the cruising range is about 60 miles. I mentioned earlier that the biggest advantage of Bona compared with ordinary electric bikes is “not afraid of running out of power”.

The pedals of traditional electric bikes will step on the legs very quickly, but at this time the bike will go very slowly, which looks very silly. The Bona is a complete pleasure to ride. The most important thing is that there is no battery life anxiety at all.


It is evident that the BONA ebike has excellent frame rigidity during the riding process. When riding, whether it’s going over large or small bumps or sliding through turns, you can feel that this bike is very stable. The specially designed independent spring front suspension fork system and oversized tires also provide a very stable and comfortable feel when encountering large bumps or riding directly off the side of the road.

Braking System

The front and rear mechanical disc brakes, in terms of the actual use feel, the entire braking stroke is not too long, and the braking force is obvious near the middle. The front and rear brake strokes are the same, and there is no difference in the left and right feel. At a speed of about 15 miles per hour for regular riding, half the braking force of the brake lever is quite strong.

7-speed Shifting System

Not much to say here, the derailleur on the right hand can adjust the gears, just like a geared bicycle.


HiPeak’s ebikes are all foldable. Let me talk about the folding method first:

  1. Lift up the quick release of the seat tube and keep it open; gently press down the seat tube of the battery to the bottom; press down the quick release of the seat tube to keep it locked.
  1. Open the standpipe safety hook; turn the handle of the standpipe downwards and keep it open; gently turn the folded standpipe down to the bottom to complete the folding of the front.
  1. Open the safety hook, open the folding handle of the frame outward, and keep it open. Fold the front of the bike backward until the front and rear wheel magnetic devices are attracted and fixed, and the folding of the bike is completed.

In summary, according to my use during this period, this bike is most suitable for three usage scenarios.

1.When commuting, both home and work are on the same line and bikes are needed on both sides. Electric bicycles have good anti-theft capabilities, and there is no need to worry about charging because there is no problem taking the battery home for charging after it is removed.

  1. Cycling with children on weekends or when the weather is good, or riding with couples or friends, you can definitely become the focus of attention.
  2. Going out for camping, if your car is an SUV or MPV, the upper and lower openings of the trunk are relatively high, and the height of the trunk platform is not too high, you can put it in the trunk and take it out at the camping site and ride it.


  1. The advantages that I value the most are Bona’s super cost-effectiveness and its lack of mileage anxiety. Even if it runs out of battery, it can be used as an ordinary bicycle and charged at the charging station.
  2. The intervention of electric power assist in the riding process is very natural, without too much sense of presence, and can effectively reduce riding fatigue. This is its biggest advantage. After riding Bona and then riding other so-called electric assist bicycles, it is nothing more than that. You need to trust the power of the HiPeak folding bike.
  3. The brakes have very good grip and feel and are the type of short travel and sensitive brakes that I particularly like.


The biggest problem is that Bona is a folding ebike. Although the folding and unfolding process is very smooth, there is no carrying point after folding, and it is not very convenient to push. The weight of the 350-pound bikee is further magnified in this case, and it is really heavy for women to get in and out of the trunk.

Advice for Purchasing

After riding for this period of time, I personally think that it basically meets 98% of my psychological expectations. Affordable price, exquisite appearance, comfortable riding, sufficient cruising range, charging speed and other aspects are very good.


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