HiPEAK Elias Step-Thru Folding Electric Bike: A Frame Designed for Comfortable Riding

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The development of Step-Thru e-bikes has created a game-changing riding experience for young and old. Step-Thru bike frames are the trusted choice of e-bike builders and riders and for good reason. They provide a comfortable riding position that is suitable for all riders and makes for an enjoyable riding experience. That's why HiPeak designed the popular Elias as a Step-Thru model.

Fontana, CA (PRUnderground) March 7th, 2023

The development of Step-Thru e-bikes has created a game-changing riding experience for young and old. Step-Thru bike frames are the trusted choice of e-bike builders and riders and for good reason. They provide a comfortable riding position that is suitable for all riders and makes for an enjoyable riding experience. That’s why HiPeak designed the popular Elias as a Step-Thru model.

Do you know when the bicycle frame was invented?

Since German inventor, Carl von Dries invented the first bicycle, the design of bicycles has undergone one revolution after another, from “quick walker” to “bicycle”. In the 1900s, bicycle frames began to change. The materials used to make the frame evolved from cast iron and wood to titanium, aluminum and carbon fiber, and the geometry of the frame began to experiment with new changes.

At the beginning of the design of the bicycle frame, the structure favored the traditional Step-Over, which is generally more stable and is more common in mountainous and steep terrain environments and off-road races that are challenging for speed and stability.

Step-Thru e-bikes are designed to make it easier for freight drivers to carry cargo while reducing the need to step over high-step beams, allowing cyclists to easily and safely load and unload cargo. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, women wore skirts that restricted movement. While traditional Step-Over bikes are more inconvenient for women, Step-Thru bikes overcome these disadvantages. Therefore, more and more women start to use bicycles.

What is a Step-Thru Electric Bike?

Step-Thru electric bikes are designed with a low frame and pedals. This design makes it easy for the rider to get on the bike without having to lift their legs. In addition, Step-Thru electric bikes allow riding in an upright sitting position. The Elias Folding Electric Bike takes advantage of the Step-Thru frame design to provide the most comfortable ride possible.

You’ve probably heard that Step-Over e-bikes are women’s bikes, and there’s some truth to that. In the early 20th century, Step-Over frame designs were originally designed to make riding easier for women.

At that time, women often wore long skirts and dresses. This makes it nearly impossible for them to ride a Step-Over bike without tearing their clothes. Thus, the Step-Thru bike design was invented.

However, today the situation is very different. Dressing styles for both women and men have changed dramatically since the early 20s, which means Step-Thru bikes suit everyone.

Most people decide on a Step-Thru design because they like to ride casually around town. Easy setup and an upright riding position make the rider ideal for everyday rides such as commuting to work or going to the grocery store. Also, those with limited mobility will greatly benefit from this design.

Some Strep-Thru e-bike models are designed for riding on the plains, but they’re not as popular among mountain bikers. An upright sitting position is not ideal for fast-traversing hills and woods.

Step-Over or Step-Thru? What are the notable differences between the types of e-bike frames?

Generally speaking, the frame of an electric bicycle is a three-dimensional geometric structure composed of upper tubes, down tubes, seat tubes, front forks, chainstays, chainstays and other components. A notable difference between step-over e-bike frame types and step-thru e-bike frame types is these differences in geometry.

For example, the HiPeak Bona is a step-over folding electric bike. This frame construction is a strong and stable bike for riders who need to handle a bigger size.

The HiPeak Elias is a  step-thru electric bike. Unlike Step-Over e-bikes, there is no top tube between the seat tube and the fork, which is where the e-bike’s crossbar joins, making it easier for the rider to traverse the bike’s frame. Moreover, the part connecting the handlebar and the chainstay of the Step-Thru bike is relatively thick, which is also considered for riding stability.

Three advantages of Step-Thru bicycle frames:

1. Versatile use for all ages and genders

The main feature of the Step-Thru electric bike is the versatility of this frame. This makes it the perfect choice for riders of all ages and genders. They are an unbeatable option for easy transport for those with a limited range of motion.

Have you ever experienced limited mobility and difficulty lifting your legs through a traditional Step-Over frame? Then Step-Thru is the right choice for you. Likewise, Step-Thru bikes are also stylish. Women are not limited in their fashion choices and can comfortably wear dresses and skirts. People of all genders will not like the risk of stretching or tearing their pants when getting on and off an e-bike.

2. Comfortable riding position

As with all bicycles, riding an e-bike should be an enjoyable experience. Step-Thru frame design provides a comfortable, upright riding position. Since your e-bike will allow you to travel greater distances, choosing your comfort level is critical.

Are you planning to explore the local trails and bike paths? Are you going to run errands every day or commute around town? Or are you going for long rides on an e-bike built for adventure? A step-by-step framework will help you enjoy all of these experiences. The frame of an e-bike is designed to take the strain off your neck, back and wrists, leaving you feeling happier and healthier.

3. Easy to control and safe

The Step-Thru frame allows you to react quickly and safely to anything that comes your way. The stepped frame design provides better visibility than more aggressive frames and helps you stop, jump, and react to hazards faster.

Choose Your Perfect Step-Thru Commuter Electric Bike

City Commuting: Perfect and Reliable

If you plan to choose an electric bike for urban commuting, the HiPeak Elias is your reliable companion. It’s a Class 2 e-bike, and its 750W hub-drive motor is designed to get you where you need to go quickly. Unlike Class 1 e-bikes, the Elias can be operated with no pedal travel using the accelerator or pedal assist.

The lightweight and durable battery pack gives you 60 miles of range on a single charge, but you can easily increase that range when pedal assist is also used. The Elias battery pack is integrated under the seat tube and can be conveniently fully charged in just a few hours.

Most importantly, HiPeak’s bicycles can be easily folded, seamlessly connected with public transportation, and easily put into the trunk for outdoor riding.

Which electric bike is best for you?

Electric bikes are one of the most popular developments in transportation. Thanks to the many advantages of the Step-Thru frame, HiPeak’s folding e-bike is accessible to everyone. Choosing the right model for your individual needs will help make your ride fun and comfortable. Can’t decide which e-bike is best for you?

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