Homecoming For Students From Respected Universities Delivers An Advantage To Local High School Students!

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Revolution Prep's Summer test-prep courses are offered by Ivy-caliber instructors to help high-school students during their down time.

New York, New York (PRUnderground) July 27th, 2011

Revolution Prep’s Ivy Insiders program is having a local benefit for high school students nationwide. The main goal is to help college-bound students become competitive candidates by learning first hand from top-tier college students to raise their SAT or ACT scores. The Revolution Ivy instructors also become student mentors during the process of preparing for these critical tests. On average, Revolution Prep’s Ivy Insider students have improved their SAT scores by more than 250 points and their ACT scores by 3-4 points during a 3-week course.

Nationwide preparation for the SAT and ACT tests is already underway as students use the rest of their summer to prep for the fall SAT or ACT test. The New York Times and College Insider dedicated over forty three pages of material to the subject matter this past June. Given today’s viral media, both websites for were flooded with students engaged in lengthy conversations about their summer test prep plans.

“Our three-week intensive SAT/ACT course allows students to take advantage of the summer when they have less distractions when prepping for testing,” a representative or the company said. “College admissions just keep getting more competitive. A student’s SAT/ACT score can help them stand out and a few hundred point difference on the SAT or equivalent on the ACT can mean the difference between going to a student’s dream school or not. Our instructors can relate to the students and students ask them all types of questions besides just about test prep. This unique mentorship role is something our students and instructors really value.”

The Ivy Insiders programs have a variety of advantages over countless other; more expensive and less transparent test prep companies. One advantage is the price for each course is a set price. Instructor biographies are available to review before signing up for a course, which allows students and parent(s) to feel confident in the chosen instructor’s abilities.

The Ivy summer programs highlight several inexpensive options for students and their families. For example, The Hybrid SAT Course is perfect for summer learning with four hours of private SAT tutoring, twelve additional hours of live online Booster Classes to help with AP Exams and SAT Subject Tests, actual in-classroom meetings, an innovative virtual SAT/ACT tutor course and even practice Saturday SAT/ACT tests. Currently, it is priced at less than nine hundred dollars.

Revolution Prep’s Ivy Insiders programs also feature a group course with eighteen hours of comprehensive lectures and two free tutoring sessions plus the extra twelve hours of instruction for other crucial tests. Private tutoring packages, virtual tutoring options, a la carte Booster Classes and live online courses are available too. All Revolution Ivy Insiders programs provide students with mentors who are current or recent undergraduates from America’s top colleges. Each mentor has scored in the 99th percentile on the actual SAT or ACT within the past three years.

Students and parents interested in any of the Ivy Summer programs will find a free SAT/ACT strategy guide on the company’s website along with detailed information, and actual test scores, and biography for a mentor located in their area.

ABOUT: Ivy Insiders was started in 2003 by a Harvard undergraduate. Over the next seven years, that company grew into one of the most successful SAT/ACT prep programs in the country, employing over six hundred test takers from top universities like Harvard, Princeton, Yale, and Stanford. Ivy Insiders helped ten thousand students raise their test scores by unheard of margins. In 2010, Ivy Insiders joined Revolution Prep, bringing together two of the fastest-growing and most innovative names in test prep.

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