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Does Homylink's pocket sprung mattress offers you to enjoy a comfortable and supportive sleep? The Homylink experiencers said that they felt different on the first night of sleeping on the Homylink mattress after a night of sleep on the homylink mattress, since the mattress were not too soft or too hard, but bring them a very Obvious feeling of support.

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Reasons for purchase:

1. High quality springs provide superior sleep support.

2. The comfortable massage foam on the surface layer increases the pleasure of sleep and deepens the sleep at night.

3.Friendly to people who has spinal problems.

Reasons for not recommending purchase:

1. If you like a mattress that is as soft as butter, it will be too hard for you.

Overview of Homylink mattresses

Hardness: medium hardness

Suitable sleep posture: suitable for all sleep postures

Affordable weight: suitable for the average weight and the average weight

Degree of being affected by the flip: wouldn’t be affected by the partner who is tossing and turning

Sleep sensation: could feel the massage wave foam pattern on the surface, and the muscles will in a relaxed state while sleep flipping.

Size: available from single to king size

How are tester comments

If you are thinking about changing mattresses due to cervical disease, then the Homylink will be your ideal choice. Homylink pocket spring mattress is an ergonomic pocket spring bed that could corrects your body’s sleeping position. We specially selected Pluto, a tester suffering from cervical disease, to sleep on Homylink’s pocket spring mattress for some time. On the first day, he was a little bit grimacing. When we asked him how he feels about the slept, he said, “I think the Homylink’s mattress are different from my old mattresses. I lay on the mattresses last night. I can clearly feel the massage wave foam that they preach, it feels very comfortable. The support of the pocket springs is much more obvious than my old mattress, but I got up this morning and felt that my back was sore, which made me feel strange.”

But HomyLinkers know that this is the first day when the mattress and the body begin to adapt to each other. So they encourage the testers continue to sleep.

On the 14th day of the test, the tester told us that he started on the fourth day of the test and did not feel any soreness in the morning. The lumbar vertebra also felt a lot easier, and even began to feel the quality of his sleep has improved at every morning. Different from the previous shallow sleeping, Pluto entering an ideal deep sleeping gradually, so that be able to energize during day time. Pluto used to sleep on an old mattress and he was easily woken up by his wife who sometimes went to the toilet at night. But after using Homylink’s mattress, this kind of thing never happened. “I even wondered if my wife had started to go to the toilet from night while my wife Ana said that she still goes to the toilet every night as her habit” Pluto was amazed at the shockproofness of the mattress. He intended to end the test, and buying a Homylink spring pocket mattress to share with his wife.

Why choose Homylink pocket spring mattress

Homylink is 100% comfortable with 3D breathable natural eco-fiber fabric that is anti-bio, anti-odor, anti-allergic, anti-mite. The comfortable wave foam layer on the surface helps to relieve the muscle tension of the day. Homylink’s pocket spring mattress contains 9 layers, and the spring layer is also hidden in these 9 levels, providing a comfortable massage for a whole night. Support effect, effectively improve the user’s sleep experience. Homylink’s mattress also has a 90-night sleep to try out and a 10-year warranty.

About Homylink

Founded in 2016, HomyLink has been devoting the brand to create the perfect working and living conditions of all. At HomyLink, we will help you explore the finest living experience and deliver efficient customer service.
Today, we are very happy to share our passion for work and life. Because each man is the architect of his own happiness. We have different views on the longing for life, but we share a common love.

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