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Honore Consultants Helping Ex-Convicts Improve Credit Health

Industry: Finance

New Orleans company helping ex-convicts get back on track with better finances

New Orleans, LA (PRUnderground) September 14th, 2020

When convicts are released from prison, they are given a fresh start in the world, but they typically face financial struggles. For many ex-convicts, looming debt can be an issue, as well as ruined credit. One New Orleans financial company is working to help ex-convicts get back on their feet in society by improving their credit health.

Melika Honore, President of Honore Consultants, says her husband went to jail 8 years ago, and her life dramatically changed. He was part of a high profile case, and, according to Honore, the resulting sentence sent Honore’s husband to jail wrongfully. Honore and her family suffered the financial toll of her husband going to jail. Honore says she’s seen several of her male family members go to jail and suffer financially, just as her husband did.

“I personally saw them, once released, struggle to support their family,” said Honore. “All of them come out wanting to do better for their family. All of them want to do something so their children will never have to experience going to jail.”

Honore says that the unfortunate cycle oftentimes leads to young men going back to jail for repeating their past ways, simply because they couldn’t get back on their feet once they were released from jail. She knew she wanted to make a difference, and that’s why Honore Consultants has made it their mission to do something to stop the cycle.

Statistics show that approximately 650,000 prisoners are released from jail each year, and many of these aren’t equipped with the skills they need to get back on their feet. Many are in debt and owe creditors. Having an offender status can make it difficult to gain employment and pay off debt, leading to the vicious cycle Honore describes.

That’s why her company is stepping in to help by teaching ex-convicts strategies for improving their overall credit health and empower them to start successful businesses. “We increase the health of their credit and teach them how to leverage it to start a business,” said Honore.

“We teach them how to leverage credit to purchase multi family property to start generational wealth,” said Honore.

Honore Consultants is offering this special program exclusively to ex-convicts, and the program is being offered completely for free.

“I couldn’t undo what this unfair justice system has done to my family, so I thought of a way to make something positive out of a horrible situation,” said Honore. More information can be found at https://honorecredit.com.

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