Hospitality Taskforce, Inc. Announces Its 20th Anniversary

Industry: Human Resources

Temporary Staffing Agency for Resorts and Hotels Celebrates Two Decades of Service

Las Vegas, NV (PRUnderground) March 1st, 2023

The leadership team of Hospitality Taskforce, Inc. is excited to announce that in 2023, the company is celebrating 20 years of service in the hospitality staffing industry. A frontrunner among its peer companies, Hospitality Taskforce, Inc. was the first commercial hotel taskforce agency of its kind.

After decades of working in the hospitality industry, Tony DiRaimondo founded Hospitality Taskforce in 2003 with a sole focus on providing contractors to hotels for Sales and Marketing positions. In the years since, the company has grown to include all hotel management, including Food and Beverage, Operations, Human Resources, and all other critical managerial roles.

“We remain ‘boutique’ in our nature and size. We never wanted to be the largest company in the hotel taskforce industry, but we’ve always worked to be the most desired company. We want to be the team that contractors want to work with and that clients feel most comfortable calling before calling any other,” explains Tony. “We are not shy about charging more than most others because we know we have the best (and very experienced) contractors. As the saying goes, the sweet taste of a low price never offsets the bitter taste of poor quality.”

In 2021, Tony’s daughter, Dani Churchill took over the role of Vice President of Marketing and Operations. She joined her father and Michael Lee, the Executive Vice President and Managing Director. Dani is leading the ongoing investment in new technologies and digital marketing to attract the best contractors in the industry and streamline business practices. Michael has been involved in the company for many years and continues to be a driving force behind the business. He also oversees the rigorous vetting process to continue growing the incredible roster of talented, experienced, and highly recommended individuals.

All of the contractors affiliated with Hospitality Taskforce, Inc. are required to have a minimum of ten years experience in their respective disciplines at branded and/or independent hotel properties, and the large majority have at least twenty years of experience. Contractors who meet these criteria, along with hotel managers who are in need of taskforce staffing, are invited to visit to request additional information, submit an application, or fill out an RFP.

About Hospitality Taskforce

Founded in 2003, Hospitality Taskforce was built on the philosophy that hotels should have access to top talent in times of need without having to carry them on their payroll. Likewise, we understand that the most talented individuals in our industry want the freedom and flexibility of independent contract work. Our role is to support both parties in coming together for the good of themselves, the industry, and the hotels and management companies we serve.

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