“House Of The Dragon” #HouseOfTheDragon Accepts Twitter #ALLINCHALLENGE

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Dailey Pike’s “HouseOfTheDragon.com” Website Climbs Out Of Pool Dives Into #Foodbank

Los Angeles (PRUnderground) April 18th, 2020

Swimwear designer Dailey Pike https://HouseOFTheDragon.com has accepted Twitter’s #ALLINCHALLENGE and vows to continue his efforts helping firefighters, healthcare givers, and #foodbanks with his #HotSauce4Hunger and #HotSauce4Heroes campaigns.

He is doing this via his House Of The Dragon™ Charitable Services.

To date Pike has delivered over 11,000 bottles of his https://amazon.com/condimentdysfunction hot sauces to foodbanks in Atlanta, Denver, New York, San Antonio, and New Orleans. Shipments have also been sent to hospitals in Detroit and Brooklyn with more to come.

Said Pike, “Every day on the news I see story after story about people overwhelming foodbanks. How much more proof do we need of people literally living paycheck to paycheck. Accepting the #ALLINCHALLENGE gives me even more motivation to pitch in and give what I can. Condiments are important. What are fries without ketchup? What are chicken wings without sauce?”

Next on the horizon when things settle down, Pike says there will be more thanks to give. He created a line of House Of The Dragon™ Wines to send out as thanks. He’ll be using the hashtags #Merlot4Medicos #Pinot4Physicians #Cabernet4Caregivers. Later this year, Pike will be sending House Of The Dragon™ Beer to EMTs and firefighters.

Said Pike, “The three wines I’ve already produced and are ready to go. The beer is taking a bit more time but that’s okay, we have time on our hands. In addition, “House Of The Dragon” brand future includes House Of The Dragon™ Chicken Wings, and House Of The Dragon™ Coffee, all of which USPTO trademarks have been applied for.

About Soyracha llc

Dailey Pike aka Soyracha Dragon https://DaileyPike.me is a filmmaker, photographer, and polymath who practices Stoicism, not a religion, but a philosophy based on doing the right thing. Endorsed by Marcus Aurelius, that guy in the Gladiator movie.

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