“HouseOfTheDragon.com” Charitable Services Sends #Merlot4MiracleWorkers To Atlanta’s Grady Hospital

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Overwhelmed Heroes Get A Post Shift Aperitif From Soyracha Dragon

Los Angeles (PRUnderground) April 23rd, 2020

When filmmaker and comedian Dailey Pike aka Soyracha Dragon https://l.ead.me/yuks saw #foodbanks needed help, he began sending pallets of hot sauce across the country. To date over 12,000 bottles of his Cal Dragon’s Vinegaroon Texas Hot Sauce, Carmen Soyracha’s Hot Chili Soy Sauce, and House Of The Dragon Louisiana Red Hot Sauce have been distributed to Atlanta, Denver, New Orleans, San Antonio, New York, Phoenix, and soon Albuquerque.

When Pike saw nurses, doctors, and hospitals overwhelmed by patients he knew they needed more than hot sauce. On April 23, 2020 Grady Hospital in Atlanta became the first to be sent a “caregivers” carton of https://HouseOfTheDragon.com  brand Pinot, Merlot, and Cabernet wines.

Pike hopes they raise a congratulatory glass and toast themselves for the selfless, heroic work they’ve done at the risk of their own lives. He said, “It’s too bad it took a pandemic for folks to realize the value of healthcare givers. Collectively, we had taken them for granted, not just the doctors and nurses, but the folks who work assisting, cleaning, administrating, they all deserve our thanks.”

About Soyracha llc

Dailey Pike aka Soyracha Dragon https://DaileyPike.me is a filmmaker, photographer, and polymath who practices Stoicism, not a religion, but a philosophy based on doing the right thing. Endorsed by Marcus Aurelius, that guy in the Gladiator movie.

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