How Branding Design Pro is Helping Startups Enter a New Phase of Growth with Passion, Precision, and Purpose

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The Renowned Logo and Design Studio Specializes in Branding Design with 3D Rendering for Product Visualization to Capture Each Brand’s Authentic Identity

Omaha, Nebraska (PRUnderground) November 18th, 2022

Any business owner, entrepreneur, marketer, designer, and salesperson understands the immense importance of branding and brand identity. However, accurately capturing brand identity in an innovative yet simple and concise manner is incredibly difficult to do. Brand designers are a dime-a-dozen these days, claiming to capture the authentic tone, voice, mission, and vision of a company in something as simple as a logo, but often that messaging gets lost in translation. When Kenal Louis created Branding Design Pro in 2018, he had one mission — to help startups launch authentic brands with a clear identity.

Four years later, Branding Design Pro is renowned in the industry for its proprietary four-step logo design matrix, brilliantly capturing each client’s vision and bringing it to life. This one-on-one is similar to working with a commissioned artist individually, where communication is direct with the graphic designer to help brands create their perfect logo and branding assets.

Providing unparalleled service, Branding Design Pro’s four-step logo design matrix breaks down into the following:

  • Step 1: Personify the Brand Vision
  • Step 2: Develop Logo Design and Prototype Concepts
  • Step 3: Create a Brand Guide for Branding Use
  • Step 4: Final Presentation and High-Resolution File Delivery

Since its founding, Branding Design Pro has helped countless clients achieve incredible growth by helping them discover their brand identity and accurately convey that message through visual representation. Branding Design Pro is also changing the face of modern design by offering branding design packages with a 3D rendering for product visualization. These 3D product renderings create a digital representation of a physical object to immerse any client’s potential customer base into the shopping experience. This cutting-edge technology empowers brands to scale their advertising, marketing, and even manufacturing with focused and authentic brand messaging.

“You must set yourself apart to stand out. Creating a visual brand identity should also reflect this thought. Your design esthetics should be simple and less than four different colors. Minimalism and the ability to be clever in design go a long way in creating something memorable and authentic.” – Kenal Louis, Founder

Through proof of concept, dedication to the craft, and unwavering commitment to bridging the gap between brand design and brand identity for startups around the world, Kenal Louis’ purpose-driven vision has come to fruition with Branding Design Pro.

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About Branding Design Pro

Branding Design Pro is an industry-leading logo and brand design studio dedicated to providing mindfully bringing each client’s vision to life. Founded in 2018 by Haitian-born entrepreneur, artist, and designer Kenal Louis, Branding Design Pro was created to help bridge the gap between brand design and identity. Leveraging Kenal’s proprietary four-step logo design matrix. Branding Design Pro brilliantly captures the essence of every client’s vision to capture their ideal audience and launch their brand into a new stage of growth. Branding Design Pro offers logo design and full branding design packages with a 3D rendering for product visualization.

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