How Does a Folding Electric Assisted Bicycle Like HiPEAK Work?

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In this article, we will introduce how a folding electric assisted bicycle works, helping individuals better know these means of transportation.

Los Angeles, CA (PRUnderground) June 3rd, 2023

Folding electric assisted bicycle is a convenient and portable mode of transportation that combines electric assistance and manual pedaling capabilities. It integrates the design of a traditional traditional bicycle with the application of modern technology, making it an ideal choice for urban residents and travelers. In this article, we will introduce how a folding electric assisted bicycle works, including its components, electric drive system, and control methods, helping you better know these practical and fashionable means of transportation.

How does a folding electric assisted bicycle work?

A folding electric assisted bicycle consists of several components, including frame, tires, brakes, gears, batteries, motor, and controllers. Here is a brief overview of how a folding electric assisted bike works:

Power input: The folding electric assisted bicycle is powered by a chargeable battery. The battery is typically located in the lower part of the frame or on the rear fender.

Electric drive system: The electric assisted bike is equipped with an electric motor that is connected to the gears of the rear wheel and powered by the battery. When the rider needs additional assistance, they can activate the motor using a handlebar or pedal-mounted button.

Controller: The controller is a crucial component that converts the energy from the battery into power for the motor. It monitors parameters such as battery level, motor speed, and adjusts the motor’s output according to the rider’s requirements.

Brakes: A folding electric assisted bike typically has front and rear brakes, which are commonly hydraulic or mechanical disc brakes. When the brakes are applied, the brake pads connected to the bike wheel come into contact with the wheel surface, causing the wheels to stop rotating.

Riding modes: A folding electric assisted bicycle offers multiple riding modes. In the manual pedaling mode, the rider can pedal the wheels like a regular bicycle, using their own energy to propel the bicycle. In the electric assisted mode, the bike receives additional power from the motor, making the riding experience easier and more effortless.

The working principle of folding electric assisted bicycle involves the battery providing power to the electric motor, the controller monitoring the battery level and adjusting the output capability, and the inclusion of front and rear brakes as well as different riding modes to offer convenience, efficiency, and comfort for riders.

HiPEAK folding electric bicycles are equipped with a 48V/15Ah lithium battery, which can travel up to 60 miles on a single charge. The battery is installed under the seat post, making it easy to remove and charge, ensuring you are prepared for any journey.

When you start pedaling, the sensor on the chainring detects this and sends a signal to the motor to assist you. The motor then starts and provides automatic assistance, making it easier for you to pedal. The level of assistance provided by the motor depends on its power and the settings you choose.

What benefits of riding folding electric assisted bicycles?

There are many benefits of riding a folding electric assisted bike, and here are a few of them:

Convenient to carry: Folding electric assisted bicycles can be easily folded into smaller size, making them convenient to carry and store. Users can put them on public transportation, car drunk or bring them into the office.

Saving energy and time: Folding electric assisted bicycles offer a highly effective mode of transportation. With electric assistance, riders can reach their destination faster while saving more energy, thereby reducing pollution and saving costs.

Ideal for Urban Commuting: Folding electric assisted bicycles are one of the best choices for urban commuting. They can maneuver quickly on city roads, avoiding congestion and the hassle of finding parking spaces. Riders can also enjoy the urban scenery along the way.

Environmental protection and energy-saving: Folding electric-assist bicycles are a more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient mode of transportation. Compared to cars or motorcycles, they do not emit harmful exhaust gases, reducing their impact on the environment and human health.

Enhanced health: Riding a folding electric-assist bicycle is a great way to exercise. Even in electric-assist mode, riders still need to use their leg muscles to pedal, thereby enhancing cardiovascular fitness and physical strength.

Since electric bicycles still require pedaling, you can get a good workout while riding. This is especially true if you choose a bike with multiple levels of assistance because you can pedal more effortlessly when needed and increase the intensity of your workout when you want to exercise.


Folding electric assisted bicycles are a convenient and practical means of transportation. They combine the design of traditional bicycles with the application of modern technology, offering urban residents a more effortless, efficient, and environmentally friendly option for commuting. In this article, by understanding the working principles of folding electric assisted bicycles, we can better grasp and fully utilize this efficient and convenient mode of transportation, thereby bringing more convenience and comfort to our lives.

Overall, folding electric bicycles are a great choice for those seeking a simple and enjoyable means of transportation. Hipeak folding electric bicycles can easily conquer small hills and cover longer distances, allowing you to fully enjoy your outdoor time without breaking a sweat!


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