How Does The Social Media Post Affect Your Personal Injury Case – Explains George Dietrich, a 2023 ThreeBestRated® Personal Injury Lawyer, Kitchener

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Kitchener, Ontorio (PRUnderground) April 3rd, 2023

Social media can become an addiction. It has a huge influence on lives, almost everyone with a phone. Many people show an ardent interest into sharing glimpses of their lives on social media. This can impact their lives in ways they do not expect. However, we are not here to talk about whether to post or not, or your level of privacy, but rather about the impacts that social media have on your personal injury case!

“When you post something on the internet, it will be permanently recorded, even if you delete them from your account, and it can then become a public matter. They can be used as evidence to test the truth of your claims in the court,” comments George Dietrich, a 2023 ThreeBestRated® personal injury lawyer from Dietrich Law Office in the Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, ON areas.

Just take a look here at what he further says…

Though it may sound unjust, it is a fact that social media furnishes insurers with potential ample threads of evidence that can be used against you and your claim. Whatever you post, a video or a post, or even a comment can cause that to be held up to you in light of other comments or actions elsewhere and that can have negative effects on your case. One of the most crucial steps in a personal injury case is to collect the evidence to prove the negative repercussions that the injury has on your quality of life. In addition, the recovery will also be determined based on the emotional, physical, social, and mental damages you suffer.

When this is the case, when you feel the need to do something on social media, it is wise to avoid it being the type of thing that can be used by the opposing party to cast doubt on whether your injuries are not as you describe them.

The essential problem is what do you usually post? The best version of yourself, or the best moment of you, right? – we all have good and bad days but this naturally positive focus can raise a question like, how is it possible for you to enjoy the moment despite the serious injury?

To be a bit more clear, here’s an example

If you have an injury in the leg, and find yourself unable to move without a limp or pain that slows you, you will claim for physical, medical, and emotional damages. But, when you share photos or videos that have been taken at a social event or gym, it might seem like the injuries aren’t that destructive, and you are just exaggerating the injury, possibly for the sake of compensation.

Even when you share the damages you suffer, they (the opposing party) can easily weaken the case by pointing out the implied variability in the intensity of the injury.

All of this will affect the chances of a fair recovery or even an expensive loss, thereby cutting off the dollars you receive as compensation. And, no wonder, if it can even result in claim denial or lawsuit dismissal.

So the rule of thumb is to stay away from social media during any legal action to avoid the potential consequences. Or keep everything private as much as you can! – explains the firm.

About George Dietrich

George Dietrich practices personal injury law, insurance law, and disability law since 1999. He has held the position of Director of the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association and Chairperson of the Canada Pension Plan Review Tribunal. He founded the law firm, named Dietrich Law Office with the prime goal of assisting the victims to get their normal life back.

The firm currently consists of a team of dedicated lawyers who have the know-how of personal injury. The firm takes pride in keeping itself constantly updated on the changes to the law of negligence that enable them to bring the best possible outcomes regardless of how complex the case is. Recently they have won the prestigious ThreeBestRated® award by cracking their rigorous 50-Point Inspection.

As they emphasize client-oriented service, they work closely with their clients to understand their needs and requirements so as to develop personalized strategies and approaches that help clients to achieve what they deserve. Not only do they represent and assist their clients in litigations, but they also make sure to help with disputes that arise regarding their medication needs and treatments are met properly. This shows the utmost level of dedication and commitment they have toward their profession and their customers.

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