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Visibility in the modern marketplace is important. For businessman, like Ismail Sirdah, exposure is even more so. When your livelihood depends on people buying your services or products, the first step is making sure that they know where to find you.

Duluth, GA (PRUnderground) November 14th, 2022

Ismail Sirdah is both a lifelong marketer, but also a small business owner who knows the importance of having his name out in the public. The marketer and businessman started out small with just a small a bunch of ambition. He worked his way up the world of marketing to a marketer’s assistant.

Later he branched off to be an independent businessman before founding his own promotion marketing school where he taught up and comers the tricks and unique techniques he’d learned over the years.  Ismail Sirdah is also a proponent of using modern technology to the fullest as a small business owner. He deftly uses social media like Facebook Messenger and Instagram to increase his brand’s exposure and make sure the world knows that Ismail Sidrah is a force in the photography world. Sirdah also utilized SEO and other marketing strategies to help his company stand out among the rest.

He advises fellow event planners and hospitality businesses to be patient as the world emerges from one of the most dangerous pandemics in history.

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