How My Fulfillment Company Continues to Ramp Up Operations in Today’s Trying Economy

Industry: Transportation & Logistics

Despite economic troubles across the nation and the coronavirus pandemic, My Fulfillment Company continues to ramp up operations by implementing safety measures in their facilities.

Marietta, GA (PRUnderground) June 10th, 2020

With everything happening in the world today, especially as it relates to social distancing measures, numerous companies have had to change the way they operate to keep things moving along smoothly. My Fulfillment Company, an order management and fulfillment service provider based in Marietta, Georgia, continues to ramp up its operations despite economic uncertainty. 

My Fulfillment Company provides numerous services that range from warehousing and inventory management to picking, packing, kitting, assembly, returns processing, and more. They are known for their ability to tailor service packages to meet the specific needs of their ecommerce-based business clients. They offer their clients incredible scalability, flexibility, and money savings, which means ecommerce-based businesses can focus less on finding the perfect warehouse or counting their inventory and more on business growth. 

Numerous studies on the impact that coronavirus has had on American business as a whole lends some shocking details. For example, Salesforce Research surveyed 3,558 consumers about whether they plan to return to brick-and-mortar shopping in the near future. A staggering 36% said they will not return until a vaccine for coronavirus is available, and that means that ecommerce businesses will be picking up that extra business. 

My Fulfillment Company has implemented numerous safety procedures in its facilities, including requiring its employees to practice social distancing, wearing masks at all times, and cleaning facilities frequently to keep the spread of the virus at bay. Though the CDC says it is “unlikely to be spread from domestic or international mail,” My Fulfillment Company continues to take every precaution to keep its clients and their customers safe. The CDC has also provided guidelines for handling mail and packages that consumers are encouraged to follow. 

Despite the increase in online ordering, My Fulfillment company has continued to provide its clients with exceptional service and will continue to do so in the future. 

To learn more about My Fulfillment Company and the various services they provide, visit their website, or give them a call at 1-888-266-1777. You can also email the company at with any questions you might have. 

About My Fulfillment Company

My Fulfillment Company is an order management and fulfillment service provider located in Marietta, Georgia. Though they work with businesses of all sizes in all industries, they specialize in the health and beauty, accessories and small electronics, and vitamin and nutritional supplement industries. They provide warehousing, inventory, picking and packing, marketing inserts, kitting and assembly, shipping, returns processing, and much, much more.

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