How Small Business Owners Can Get Through the Recession with Innovative Tech (Great Week)

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Fintech CEO Daniel Bessmert discusses powerful tech-based strategies for small business success, even during economic downturn

Miami, FL (PRUnderground) October 26th, 2022

With a decline in the stock market, and inflation reaching its highest point since 1981, the current economy is in a significant downturn. 93% of business owners fear that within the coming months, a recession will dawn upon the United States, and according to the economist, Dr. Nouriel Roubini, we’re in for a long and steady one when it arrives. This leaves very little room for small business owners to get the help they need to run and maintain their businesses.

In response to providing small business owners with a scalable tool to combat unforeseen economic shifts, a disruptor in the financial sector was created. This product, “Great Week”, has proven to be a power move in the finance and business management industries. As a tool specifically designed to mitigate the potential risk of business failure, entrepreneurs that operate on different scales of size are noticing lower rates of time and money wasted, a simplified way to manage a team or themselves, and a variety of ways to accept payments while getting paid faster for the work they love doing.

This product is guiding business owners through economic shifts and those who haven’t used the platform yet, are wondering how.

Automation at Its Finest and Most Innovative Peak

Close to 627,000 new businesses are started annually in the United States, however, 1 in every five of them will fail within just 12 months of launch. Without intent, businesses will suffer without the owner(s) having gotten to expand on their portfolio of ideas and the most common cause is difficulty staying ahead of financial operations.

Great Week allows you to automate what you need so that you can focus on what you love. With the platform, your efforts for syncing your Bank Accounts, Sending and chasing invoices, CRM upkeep, and accounting, could virtually be over. These innovative features during a struggling economy could both strengthen the standing of your business and give you peace of mind.

The Tools You Need All in One Place

On a global scale, 305 million companies are formed and there should be emphasis put on the fact that every company doesn’t consist of a complete staff, oftentimes, a company will start with only the owner, leaving every task that sustains the business left up to that one person before they get to the point of outsourcing.

For a new business, you may not want to use your immediate capital to outsource right away and you shouldn’t have to. Instead of having your hands tied, Great Week offers a solution to have all of the tools you need in one place.

Savings on Time and Money Spent

Here’s the truth for business owners; 82% of businesses end up failing. The main reason for this? Poor management of cash flow. As an entrepreneur, what would seem to matter most are the services or products you offer to your customers but what holds the most weight in terms of success are management tactics and how they are implemented.

Chances are, first-time business owners aren’t proficient in every aspect of starting, managing, and sustaining a successful business. This leaves a gap in operational navigation, finance management, and workflow enhancement. Unless you have a multi-disciplinary team with designated roles, chances are you’ll be lacking in one or more of these areas.

Great Week was designed to make the finance management portion of your business simple because your primary concern should be your deliverables and the satisfaction of your customers. Great Week is an innovative platform built with the small business model in mind and what this means is that business owners get access to financial tools in one place without having to go off-platform. This saves time, 50% of your time to be exact and this saves money; 30% of savings to be more specific. What Great Week offers are;

A free checking account for your business; with external account syncing capabilities

Virtual and physical debit cards; for yourself, your team, or certain projects

Automated expense management and bookkeeping

Multiple payment method options; wire transfers, debit and credit cards, and even bitcoin along with web-based payment choices

Everything you need to manage your finances seamlessly will be at your fingertips, no need to outsource financial help or to stress over it yourself. The CEO designed it to be that simple because business owners should have less to worry about, not more.

Simplicity Without Sacrificing Support When You Need It

On average, small business owners are only spending 31.9% of their time working on the things that their business offers. This also includes expansion efforts, strategic planning, and long-term goals. The other 68.1%… spent on day-to-day needs such as administration. Thanks to Daniel Bessmert, CEO of Great Week, this can change. To support small businesses during the downturn of the economy, his innovative platform is meant to promote business growth, and to make this possible for the “stretched too thin” entrepreneur, he has made the platform free to try for 60 days.

For business owners that want to get the most out of the work week, Great Week was created.

Meet the CEO:

Daniel Bessmert, a finance industry leader, spent the majority of his career leading a variety of distribution and innovation departments for companies such as PayPal, Visa, and Citibank. After dedicating his career to solving finance operational problems and improving financial workflows, he enhanced his career by branching out and becoming an entrepreneur. Daniel witnessed first-hand the pain points that top-industry companies were facing, so he decided to dedicate the next phase of his career to pursuing expanding on fintech ventures that would benefit small business owners.

This mission stemmed from his personal business endeavors and the experiences that came along with them. After becoming a small business owner himself, he recognized a pain point that not only drained operational reserves and time but took away his focus from what he enjoyed the most….satisfying his clients. With this, Great Week was born, an all-in-one platform for businesses that don’t want to choose between what they have to do and what they want to do.

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