How Sophia and Dick Regain Their Freedom through the HiPEAK Folding E-bike?

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Riders with physical ailments maintain their love of cycling and the experience of getting healthier with an electric fat tire bike.

Los Angeles, CA (PRUnderground) April 11th, 2023

Sophia grew up in St. Paul, Minnesota, and has always had a passion for cycling and other outdoor adventures. Despite battling asthma since birth, she never let it stop her from doing what she loves.

Unfortunately, Sophia’s asthma has worsened in recent years, greatly impacting her ability to ride long distances and tackle challenging peaks. But Sophia has not given up. She began exploring new ways to stay active and healthy while pursuing her passions, such as discovering the world of fat tire electric bikes!

In addition to being a passionate cyclist, Sophia is also a caring animal lover. It was her love for electric bikes that brought Sophia and Dick together, and they became the best of friends.

This is the story of Sophia and Dick, and how an asthma patient and a stray dog became lifelong adventure partners, and how the HiPeak folding electric bike helped them overcome the challenges they faced.

Sophia’s encounter with Dick

During a cycling trip, Sophia spotted Dick in a corner of the park. At the time, Dick looked dirty and seemed to have gone without food for a while. Compassionate Sophia gave him food and took him to an animal shelter. Due to Dick’s trauma, he may not have been suitable for adoption. After learning about Dick’s fate, Sophia decided to provide him with a safe and loving home. Thus, Sophia officially adopted Dick.

Now 15 years old, Dick, like Sophia, enjoys anything related to the outdoors. What he loves most is driving around with his best friend on their HiPeak ELIAS electric folding bike.

How Sophia encounter HiPeak

Sophia stated that cycling is her favorite exercise, but as she aged and her asthma worsened, it became challenging to ride a traditional bike.

Adult electric bikes were Sophia’s solution. Initially, she didn’t know where to find an electric bike that suited her needs – she knew she wanted a fat-tire electric bike that could ride in the city and the countryside. Being less than five feet tall, she wanted an easy-to-use, high-quality, high-performance, and reasonably priced foldable electric bike with great value.

Sophia test drove well-known folding electric bikes from brands like Radpower RadExpand 5 and Aventon Sinch, but they didn’t meet her expectations. “Radpower and Aventon are both great electric bike brands,” Sophia said. “But both bikes didn’t perform as well as I expected them to for their price. Honestly, I was a bit disappointed.”

In a biking forum, a fellow biker shared his HiPeak ELIAS. “It caught my attention, and luckily, the biker was in the same city as me, and he agreed to let me test ride his electric fat tire bike,” Sophia said. “When the HiPeak ELIAS appeared in front of me for the first time, I was amazed by its appearance. My first test ride was that it was powerful and easy to ride, and I rode it for five miles in one breath because it felt really great.”

On the same day when Sophia returned home, she went to the HiPeak official website and bought her first HiPeak ELIAS fat tire folding electric bike.

How folding electric bike influence Dick?

The 15-year-old dog Dick could not walk as far as before, Sophia thought why not let Dick ride an electric bike with herself? She found a dog seat fixed on the back of the HiPeak ELIAS through a cycling friend. Every time she rides, Sophia puts Dick on the dog seat in the back and equips Dick with a proper helmet.

“Dick really likes the feel of it. Now, it’s tightly linked to HiPeak ELIAS. Every time Dick knows I’m going to ride a bike, he gets on his seat by himself.” Sophia said.

Sophia believes that by riding an electric bike, Dick has become more active and more self-aware. “When I clean the ELIAS electric fat tire bike, Dick will be watching by my side. If it wants to ride, it will call me over with a bark. In Dick’s eyes, this is its electric bike,” said Sophia.

What is Sophia and Dick’s life like now

Sophia rides her fat-tire electric bike every day. On weekday mornings, she rides ELIAS from her residence to the office. Even when she goes out of town to meet with clients, she brings her foldable electric bike with her.

When she’s not working, Sophia goes on adventures and runs errands with Dick on their bikes. “My HiPeak ELIAS has a powerful 750W motor and 7 levels of pedal assist. But I usually ride with lower pedal assist because I want more exercise. Only when I feel aches coming on do I turn it up to the highest level. Dick and I usually ride about 50 miles on weekends, and ELIAS’s 48v 15ah high-capacity lithium battery can provide up to 60 miles of range, which easily covers our riding distance,” Sophia says.

“I also often take Dick to the supermarket to go shopping. ELIAS’s 350-pound load capacity allows us to bring back a week’s worth of food.”

Sophia shares her and Dick’s journey every day, and now they have become community celebrities. In a recent blog post, Sophia wrote, “Because of Dick, many people have gotten to know me. Because of the HiPeak ELIAS folding electric bike, Dick and I have gained freedom after setbacks. Many people envy our state and our life. But in fact, when you have an electric fat tire bike, maybe you will live more freely and excitingly than us.”

Sophia and Dick’s story is one of the reasons why many people like HiPeak. We are also delighted to share Sophia and Dick’s story with more people because we know that their story can help many people get out of their troubles. We look forward to our next meeting with Sophia and Dick!


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