How to be a Successful Businessman by Ismail Sirdah

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Even as a professional, businessman, and promoter, Ismail Sirdah hobby is to document his life and connect with people and the world around. He is also the proud owner of Lulu Promotions & Music, an hispanic ticketing promotion company based in Georgia.

Duluth, GA (PRUnderground) September 29th, 2022

Besides core concerts promotions work, Ismail uses his experience to train and mentor up-and-coming promoters talents in the area. As an advocate of tech-promotion social media promoter, Ismail Sirdah is an adherent of unconventional Marketing techniques such as the use of Paid Ads and Email Blast. The Businessman is also a restaurateur and a reputable business owner, writer and fan of photography. He recently released a best-selling book titled “10 Underrated Photography Destinations” that is now available at bookstore in paperback.

In a recent interview Ismail Sirdah expresses, that there is  nothing he would change about his career except someone would have told me to go with the flow when in doubt. He mentioned “I grew up knowing I will have to work hard to see great results.” Looking at the big picture, perfection remains a mirage. Going with the flow, on the other hand, has helped him accomplish so much and edged me closer to Sirdah’s goals.

Ismail Sirdah finishes the interview with encouraged and motivational words for learning promoters. “Learning is an ongoing process, which can be promoted by meeting other event promoters. Besides improving your skills, the exposure and Digital advances can teach you tips and techniques you didn’t know for successful events.

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