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Newmarket, Ontario (PRUnderground) February 2nd, 2023

Not only do dogs share some common human emotions, but they can also have similar health-related problems. Did you know that your furry friend can suffer from obesity just like we can? Your vet may have warned you that your pet was getting a few too many treats at your last appointment. If obesity is not treated early and weight is not reduced, it can lead to health issues like heart problems, diabetes, hypertension, and more.

However, the good news is obesity is preventable! Here are some tips shared by Armitage Animal Clinic, the 2023 ThreeBestRated® awarded veterinary clinic in Newmarket.

How To Prevent Obesity In Dogs?

According to VCA (Veterinary Centers of America), approximately 25-30% of the canine population is overweight. “It can really be hard to say no to those puppy dog eyes, but it is important to ensure your dog is getting a balanced diet and appropriate exercise.” – says Armitage Animal Clinic. The Team shares their top tips for helping your pup maintain a healthy weight.

  • Firstly, pay attention to the food you are giving your dog. Not all foods are made equal! Ask your veterinarian about the brands they recommend and if there is any type of food they suggest specifically for your pup. Most bags have a feeding guide based on your pet’s weight. You can use this as a guide to confirm you are feeding them the appropriate amount.
  • Keep your dogs active! Playing fetch, running around with them in the backyard, or taking them on a couple of walks around the block. There are so many ways to keep your dog active!
  • Keep meal times consistent. We recommend breaking your dog’s daily caloric intake into 2 meals per day.
  • It can be hard to tell if our dogs have lost or gained weight, especially our hairy pets. Bringing your dog to the vet regularly for a weigh-in can help your vet team track any changes and develop a game plan early. If your pet is overweight there are a few things they will do to help.
    • They will create a custom calorie count for your dogs based on their breed, activity level, and age.
    • They will recommend foods that can assist in your pet’s weight loss journey.
    • They will give a body condition score (BCS) to assess whether your pet is underweight, overweight, or ideal.

If you follow these steps, you can prevent your dogs from becoming obese. And, if you’re looking for a professional’s advice, tap here to get in touch with Armitage Animal Clinic:

About Armitage Animal Clinic:

Armitage Animal Clinic is a prominent veterinary clinic in Newmarket, ON. They are a team of proud pet parents who understand the deep connection that comes with pet ownership and how stressful it is when our pets aren’t feeling well. They are dedicated to continuing education and ensuring that they are up-to-date on the best practice in veterinary medicine.

They are passionate about incorporating the latest technology into the clinic and are proud to share that they now have both digital x-rays and ultrasounds, allowing for quicker diagnostics. Near the end of last year, they were excited to bring the freeze pen to their practice, allowing for easier mass removals. Recently, they have been honored as a top veterinary clinic in Newmarket by ThreeBestRated® with its strict 50-Point Inspection. They shared how privileged they feel to have built such a loyal clientele who speak of their exceptional service and knowledge of veterinary medicine.

“Our core mission statement at Armitage is to deliver the best veterinary medicine possible that contributes to the quality of your fur babies’ lives and the peace of mind for pet parents” – utters the clinic. The services they offer include wellness & vaccinations, allergies & dermatology, nutrition & weight management, dentistry, diagnostic, cardiology, laboratory, surgeries, ultrasound, and radiology.

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