How to Keep Yourself and Your Roof Safe When Decorating for the Holidays

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South Carolina-based exterior remodeler, C&W Roofing, Siding & Window Company, shares tips to help you and your roof stay protected while you decorate for the holidays.

Easley, SC (PRUnderground) November 29th, 2022

Even though many of us hang lights and holiday decor every year, we don’t always realize that doing so could cause damage to our roofs or gutter systems. Understanding the proper way to hang holiday decor can make all the difference. Below, we’re sharing our top tips for decorating in ways that will keep you and your roof safe.

Getting on the Roof

If you attempt to climb up a steep or tall roof that’s wet, icy, or otherwise slippery, you’re putting yourself at risk of injury. Instead of trying to hang lights from your roof, use a stable ladder to attach them from below the roofline. Just make sure that you have a family member or friend nearby to secure the ladder and provide help as needed. And, remember to untangle your lights before climbing the ladder so you’re not attempting to do it when you’re off the ground.

Choosing the Best Light-Hanging Method

When hanging your lights, you might be tempted to nail them directly into the roof. However, those holes can destroy your shingles, leading to leaks. Another method some homeowners may try is gluing lights to the roof with a hot glue gun or super glue. But, this can also lead to roof damage. If the glue pulls when it’s windy or when you remove the lights, it can chip or peel the shingles.

Instead, opt to hang your lights with light clips that are meant to slide under the shingle bed. These clips will keep your lights secure without damaging your roof. As another option, you can use lighting clips made to clip to your gutters instead of your roofline. They’re another safe and low-risk option for hanging your lights.

Preventing Fire Damage

Finally, make sure your lights are all in proper working order before hanging them. This includes inspecting the wire strands in between each bulb. A frayed strand or lights with pinched wires can potentially start fires.

Along those same lines, you should only use lights and extension cords that are specifically designated for outdoor use. Choose products with the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) or Intertek (ETL) symbols on them, as they have been tested for safety in a certified lab. At the first sign of holiday light damage to your roof, call in a professional to repair it immediately.

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