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Web Design & Digital marketing can help small businesses navigate through these challenging times. If you successfully change your web design and tweak your digital marketing strategy, you can survive and thrive during this period.

Hoboken, New Jersey (PRUnderground) May 18th, 2021

The pandemic has turned the business world upside down. In the past 12 months, workers have completed duties from inside their houses, and everyone has had to pivot towards new business practices.

Every aspect of our lives has changed. According to Fortune magazine, six months after the pandemic started, over 100,000 thousand U.S establishments were out of business.

Nonetheless, digital marketers continue to create innovative ways to power on. As a result, more people browse the web now than ever before, and the public’s behavior has changed on digital platforms.

Are you adjusting your business for COVID-19?

It’s 12 months since the world closed down a fear gripped the planet. We’ve all become used to restrictions and doing things differently. So, firstly, have you made the correct changes during COVID-19? Secondly, have you planned for an uncertain future?

Digital marketing can help small businesses navigate through these challenging times. If you successfully change your web design and tweak your digital marketing strategy, you can survive and thrive during this period.

Here are some ways you can adjust your digital marketing strategy, kickstart your business, and get ready for the post-pandemic boom!

1. Create a solid, user-friendly website design

The best way for companies to battle these difficult times is to have a user-friendly website. Your website should be reliable, sleek, and have the best web design tools.

Although good web designers can be expensive, you’ll find it’s often a worthwhile expense. Customers trust companies with impressive websites, and web designers understand the latest trends and styles.

2. Adjust your website to the latest traffic trends

You should analyze your website’s traffic in the previous 12 months and focus on the pages that have gained popularity. Finding ways to highlight your popular pages and making them more accessible can boost your sales and website’s presence.

Furthermore, it’s a fantastic idea to check your website’s traffic every three months to stay on top of the latest trends and your SEO performance.

3. Make your digital communications personal

Your digital communications during the pandemic are crucial. People will respond to communications that are personalized and show understanding or empathy.

You should leverage every visitor’s purchasing history and online behaviors to anticipate customer needs. If you convey the correct messages and highlight relevant content, you can increase your sales.

4. Examine shifts in sales

Did you have any products that exploded or tanked during the pandemic? Investigate which products were successful and unsuccessful, and shift your digital marketing towards these trends.

To shift focus towards these trends, you can examine navigation, visibility, social promotion, and CTA’s.

5. Remove any old content that feels outdated

Content is crucial to a website’s domain ranking and SEO performance, but you can remove old content with little relevance in the pandemic age. For example, if you have expired promotions, obsolete products, and past events, you can remove these from our website.

Once you’ve removed old content, you’ll improve your user’s experience and SEO potential.

Test some alternative digital marketing channels

The pandemic has allowed companies to try different digital marketing channels, and there’s been a shift in social media trends. Here are some channels you could try:

  • Video

Video’s impact on digital marketing has grown over the last year. For example, TikTok has seen a 28% growth in users between 15-25 and a 12% increase in all ages since the pandemic. As a result, many businesses have targeted TikTok.

  • Mobile

According to surveys, 70% of people use their mobile phones more since the pandemic started. That means increased use of social media channels, such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

  • Email marketing

Since the pandemic began, companies have started emailing customers 49% more. The pandemic has increased email marketing, and companies are looking to gain customers through email marketing.

Final thoughts

Nobody can underestimate the pain of the pandemic. It’s caused profound challenges for small businesses, and many small businesses will never recover. With that said, digital marketing gives you the chance to get your brand seen.

As countries lockdown and shops close, people are turning towards online shopping and the internet. That’s where your business can thrive during these awful times.

As we come out of this once-in-a-century disaster, digital marketing has grown, will continue to grow, and most importantly – it can help your business thrive during and after COVID-19.

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