Human Empowerment Celebrity Publication Stands Up for Women In Texas

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Alpha Magazines declaring their support for women in Texas during abortion ban & sharing their plans to empower all humans

Los Angeles, California (PRUnderground) September 21st, 2021

The self proclaimed “Human Empowerment” publication put their foot down via social media concerning Texas’ 2021 abortion law. Editor-In-Chief, Luciano Layne personally captioned a photo on September 2nd with, “Seventy-seven percent of anti-abortion leaders are men. 100% of them will never be pregnant.” urging his male audience to stand in solidarity with women for body autonomy.   

As the woman-centered law is still in effect, the owner states how important his solidarity is, “ This impacts all women and girls. Alpha Magazines is largely staffed with women, and I can’t imagine the pain if any of them or their families were impacted by this law. I don’t like to think how my own daughter could possibly be affected by this someday.” stating with frustration. Alpha Magazine has been vocal about protecting women and what it takes to be an Alpha Human in all of their distributed publications throughout the year. The owner believes Texas politicians have a long way to go before claiming an Alpha title.

While the state has much to figure out, Luciano Layne is on a mission to keep empowering all. “It’s easy to empower when it’s cool, but if you follow the trend on who needs empowerment and support while it’s a hot topic you will miss the mission. We do more than talk, we are making this a body in motion.” Alpha Cares is the publication’s newest non-profit branch that will help with their mission to support all they can for a variety of issues. Some issues they will be hyper-focused on in the next 3 months will be: fathers unable to see their children due to incarceration/spousal differences and underprivileged youth. The first issue regarding father visitation with children will be supported by having influential men that are focused on bettering their community of men. These men will facilitate meetings or give words of encouragement where they can. Currently, Layne has been supporting men by giving away free copies of his book ‘13 Letters to My Children’ to the incarcerated. 

Alpha Magazines has already dedicated itself to helping underprivileged youth by teaming up with the Hilaroo Foundation owned by Hilary Swank back in May. Taking this cause one step further, Alpha Magazines has recently started planning events over the holidays in tandem with Celebs Work founder to bring awareness and supporters to community hunger & toy drive events in Los Angeles. Alpha’s team believes the philanthropy behind the name is what will make the publication a household name by 2023.

About Alpha Magazines

Alpha Magazines began as a men’s quarterly. Envisioned in 201 by Founder and Editor In Chief, Luciano Layne. Layne’s dream came to fruition in 2019, and continued to mold its self as the publication people see today. No longer an exclusively male magazine, Alpha high end, artistic, and editorial photography of pristine quality. In Alpha you will experience a sophisticated look with a modern layout and content centered on empowering the reader.

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