Hurricane Dorian on Track to Hit US, Restoration 1 is Preparing

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Hurricane Dorian is at risk of escalating into a category 4 hurricane. Florida and Georgia residents are urged to prepare now with help from Restoration 1.

Bradenton, FL (PRUnderground) August 30th, 2019

Hurricane Dorian is moving quickly. As of recent reports, the hurricane is a direct threat to Florida and lower portions of Georgia. Residents are advised to prepare accordingly. There’s currently no way to predict its path.

In preparation for the expected storm damage, local Restoration 1 locations are ready for potential storm conditions. We have 24-hour storm recovery services and water damage restoration efforts fully prepared to help homeowners and local businesses in the states predicted to be hit by Hurricane Dorian.

“The exact path of the hurricane has not yet been confirmed, but we recommend that all residents and business owners in the area follow emergency preparedness best practices,” shared Curt Miller of Restoration 1.

To prepare for the hurricane, it is highly recommended that you:

1. Make a Plan – It’s important to have a thorough plan in place to deal with evacuations, storm damage, and injuries.

2. Gather Supplies – Gather necessary supplies, including at least three days of food and water, medical supplies, first aid kit items, prescription medications, batteries, a battery-powered radio, flashlights, sleeping bags, and personal care products.

3. Learn Evacuation Routes – If the order comes down that you need to evacuate, know the safest route out of the city or to a nearby shelter.

If you find that you, your loved ones, or your neighbors need emergency restoration services, contact your local Restoration 1 immediately. Your safety and quick recovery from storm and water damage are our priority. 

About Restoration 1

Founded in 2008, Restoration 1® is an award-winning franchise that specializes in a wide array of emergency mitigation, restoration, and reconstruction services. An industry innovator, the Texas-based company uses advanced technologies and tools to perform restoration for both residential and commercial properties that have been damaged due to water, smoke, fire, mold, storms and more. There are more than 120 locations throughout the U.S. with plans to expand to more than 500 locations nationwide in the next four years. For more information about Restoration 1®, visit

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