Hyype Space Launches New Revenue And Promotion Opportunities For Brands, Influencers, And Charities

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The Social Media Challenge Platform Expands its Offering to Allow Charities to Create Donate-to-Enter Challenges

Los Angeles, CA (PRUnderground) November 2nd, 2022

Today, Hyype Space, the original social media challenge app, announced new opportunities for brands, influencers, and charities to incorporate sponsored and donate-to-win challenges on the platform. Through its newly launched host portal, Hyype Space offers a solution for brands to engage with their most passionate fans through fun social media challenges that further enhance fan engagement in a safe environment. Soon, the new host portal will also provide a new donation opportunity for charities and an additional revenue stream for influencers.

With the launch of new tools, a host portal is now available for brands, influencers, and soon charities to design and execute their own social media challenges with a variety of options. Hyype Space now offers a weekly fee option to launch challenges and set prizes, allowing brands the ability to schedule and execute challenges aligned with the entity’s social promotion or marketing calendar.

​​In addition, will charities have the option to launch donate-to-enter challenges. Using Hyype Space’s digital currency purchased within the app, members can submit an entry which allows them to support their favorite causes along the way. Charities will collect 54% of the gross revenue in the donate-to-enter challenges with a portion of the gross revenue used for prizes.

Influencers are also able to launch pay-to-enter challenges to creatively connect with fans and provide an additional revenue stream separate from their existing social media platforms. Influencers collect 35% of the gross revenue in a pay-to-enter created challenge with a portion of the gross revenue used for prizes.

“We’ve seen how successful social media challenges are, and Hyype Space has created the platform and tools necessary for organizations and influencers to connect authentically and directly with fans,” said Randy Greenberg, the founder and CEO of Hyype Space. “These new revenue opportunities for charities and influencers especially will allow members to not only express their creativity and win prizes when attempting challenges but also monetarily support the causes and influencers they care about.”

From the popular Nickelodeon animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender, Michaela Jill Murphy, voice actress of “Toph,” challenged her fans to re-enact their favorite bending scene from Avatar. The top three winners were recently announced with prizes ranging from $300 to signed books. Brands are also starting to turn to Hyype Space to further engage with consumers. Dog treat brand Chippin recently launched the Tricky Doggos challenge offering winners up to $200 worth of products; a cooking challenge with celebrity Chef Todd English where the winner will receive a live virtual cooking class; a best outfit challenge with KIN APPAREL where the winner will receive a satin-lined hoodie; a photography contest where the best image will be displayed at Jill Sanders Gallery in Redondo Beach, CA, among others.

With bullying and hate speech that has become pervasive among traditional social media platforms, Hyype Space is designed as an alternative platform for social media challenges, while bringing fans closer than ever to their favorite brands and influencers in a mutually beneficial online space where they can express their creativity and win prizes. Hyype Space is available for download from the App Store and Google Play.

Additional details about the new options for brands, influencers, and charities can be found at www.hyype.space.

Natalie Yallouz / Ali Smith
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About Hyype Space

Hyype Space is a challenge-based social media app that offers a solution to brands, charities and influencers who want to engage with their most passionate fans through fun social media challenges. Brands, Charities and Influencers design their own challenges for Hyype Space members to attempt. The videos are then voted on by the online community with supportive claps and thunderous applause, with the top videos winning a variety of sponsored prizes from brands and companies. Hyype Space is an additional programming platform, allowing social media managers to create a calendar of challenges that can coincide with the brand’s other marketing initiatives across multiple channels. Find more information about Hyype Space at https://www.hyype.space/.

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