I Don’t Need Search Engine Optimization.

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(PRUnderground) October 4th, 2010

During my 13+ years of being a search engine optimization (SEO) consultant, I have seen so many websites that need basic search engine optimization. It is a habit that whenever I go to a Meetup, Chamber of Commerce meeting, WordPress Wordcamp, Business Expo or just see a web address on whatever, I immediately check out what they have done about optimizing their website. Sadly, I rarely come across a website that has been optimized at all. If I do come across an optimized website, It Sucks!!

I always get the same response from people. They say one of the following:

  1. I Cannot afford it
  2. I already have it optimized
  3. I have a company in India doing it ( Your Screwed!)
  4. It’s not going to get me any new business
  5. My site looks great
  6. I prefer PPC and do not believe in organic SEO marketing
  7. I am doing it myself (My favorite)

I could keep going and going with excuses. So here is my answer to the excuses mentioned above:

  1. If you cannot afford SEO then your site will not generate new leads or be found. The only people who will really find it are existing clients and people who already know the URL.
  2. Not really. It is all wrong. Why do you have one word keywords with commas going across the entire title? Where are your Alt Tags? Whats with the tag cloud and massive amount of keywords across the footer? Shall I continue?
  3. Never ever have a company in a third world country optimize your website..Ever!!!
  4. Ever thought that the reason it does not get you any business is because it is lost in cyber space.
  5. Yes you have a beautiful website, It is fantabulous and awesome? That my friends, will not get you visitors. A beautifully SEO optimized website will get you visitors.
  6. 80% or more of all clicks on a search result are for organic keywords. I personally do not ever click on a PPC ad. Half the time it is a silly landing page that looks spammy, the other half it’s not what I was looking for. Besides, PPC will cost you twice the amount of money per click. Trust me save your money!!
  7. Go ahead and give it a shot. Just do not look online for reference and help. Most of the SEO blogs and forums I see give you misleading or outdated information. There are a few that give you great information. Even then I hope you know something about Google and it’s algorithms. Believe me, I have been doing SEO since the days of Excite, Netscape, Infoseek..etc.. I still learn something new every single day.

Please take my advice about SEO, It is without a doubt the most important part of your website. It should be started even before the website is designed. Your website should be designed around the SEO.I could give you a million reasons, but you will get bored reading them.

So go ahead and post your awesome website. Tweet it and put it on Facebook because that’s all the traffic you will get on your website.

Watch for my next post: Basic Search Engine Optimization

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