ICW2020, an ICT online exhibition that saves time and money

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-Participating companies and visitors evaluated with high satisfaction-

Jincheon-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do (PRUnderground) December 7th, 2020

“I didn’t know I could meet the Korea ICT-related companies so easily.

I was a little surprised by the compact and convenient configuration.”

“You can communicate with companies right away with just a few clicks,

It is much more beneficial than a face-to-face events because you can directly inquire about the content.

“I can quickly look around and have a consultation with several companies of interest. By not waiting for the meeting time, I can reduce unnecessary waste of time.”

– ICT Cyber World 2020 event visitor reviews –

Untact is indispensable in the Corona 19 situation. Accordingly, Korea is holding an ICW2020 event where you can quickly meet promising ICT companies online. It is Korea’s non-face-to-face export support integrated platform, suggesting a new normal in the post-corona era.

Approximately 400 representative ICT field companies such as AI, Big Data, Cloud, 5G, IoT, Network, Autonomous Driving, Mobility, Information Protection, Finance, Smart Content, AR, VR, Digital Health, Smart Home Application, Smart City, Drone, Robotics, are participating to introduce innovative business models that will lead the 4th industrial era.

Visitors are showing positive responses as they meet Korean ICT companies quickly non-face-to-face. In particular, the biggest advantage is that it can save time. In the case of existing offline events, you have to move around and see the places yourself, you need to get information from many people, and you have to schedule a meeting time during the event’s operating hours – there were many limitations with regards to time and space. Therefore, even if you found the company you were looking for, it was difficult to talk in detail.

Since ICW2020 is an online exhibition, you do not have to move around, and there are no restrictions on operating hours, hence you can efficiently manage time. Thanks to this, you can obtain considerable information about the companies you are interested in, and in the case of meetings, there are online inquiries, therefore you can chat with a few clicks without separate procedures and waiting time.

Furthermore, participating companies can boast their products or services online rather than offline fairs, which cost substantial money. Time can also be saved in that it can be introduced to more buyers and related parties.

Both companies and visitors who participated in this event emphasized the advantages of online exhibitions and expected that the new format of exhibitions would be more active in the future. Accordingly, an official from the Ministry of Science and ICT, which is the host organization of ICW2020, said, “It is still in progress. Yet, based on the results of the event this year, we plan to prepare more precise and diverse corners next year. Accordingly, we will encourage many participation of promising ICT companies in Korea and increase accessibility with overseas buyers to prepare for ICW2021, which once again exhibits the face of an ICT powerhouse.”

Current ICW2020 events can be viewed at www.ictcyberworld.com.

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