Industry Leading Packaging Company, CTI, offers Various Liquid and Powder Pouch Filling Services

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CTI Packaging, an industry leader in the food packaging industry, now offers a variety of pouch filling services for both liquid- and powder-based products.

Libertyville, IL (PRUnderground) July 6th, 2017

Not all products can be stored in a traditional bag or box, and that’s why CTI Packaging now offers a variety of pouch filling services for powders and liquids. These flexible packages are firm enough to keep products fresh and safe during transit, but easy for the end user to open. These packages include zippered pouches and rigid containers alike, and CTI works directly with their customers to choose the best option based on the company’s needs and the product itself.

Some of the considerations CTI takes before creating a product packaging solution include:

  • Freshness – Liquids and powders must be kept fresh until they are used by the consumer. It’s vital to choose the right packaging and materials for this reason.
  • Safety – Foodborne illness is a real concern and one that CTI takes very seriously. That’s why their engineers are constantly working to create food packaging solutions that can keep food safe in storage, during transit, and even on store shelves.
  • Shelf-life – The food’s estimated shelf-life is also a consideration when it comes to the right product packaging, especially for liquids and powders. While powdered goods are sometimes nonperishable, many liquids do not share this characteristic. Food packaging must help to extend or maintain the food’s shelf-life.
  • Storage and Transit – Another concern when it comes to food packaging is its condition during storage, transit, and display. The packaging must be firm enough to withstand the average bump or knock without allowing damage to the product inside.
  • Aesthetics – Consumers buy with their eyes, so it’s important for your packaging to look great while maintaining all the other qualities mentioned here.
  • Ease of Use – Finally, food packaging must be easy for customers to access, open, and reseal, if resealing is intended. The seal must be strong enough to keep foods fresh, too.

CTI Packaging offers a variety of contract packaging services to the manufacturers of food products across the globe. For more information, contact CTI at (847) 968-4855.

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CTI is a leading contract packaging & fulfillment company in Chicago offering custom packaging, bottling & supply chain services for primary & secondary product packaging.

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