Innovative Insurance Policies at Professional Insurance Plans Shield Against Emerging Risks for Optometrists

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Professional Insurance Plans offers commercial policies for medical practitioners nationwide that face growing malpractice risks and more.

Lexington, KY (PRUnderground) April 24th, 2023

Professional Insurance Plans delivers essential commercial insurance products for optometrists and other medical professionals across the United States. Although the number of cases brought against eye doctors is relatively small compared to the rest of the industry, roughly 140 patients seek relief through the court system for issues they encounter while seeking treatment.

As healthcare professionals, optometrists face various risks in their daily practice. They are responsible for diagnosing and treating eye-related conditions, and any medical errors could harm patients. Since most medical providers store sensitive patient information in EHRs (Electronic Health Records), they could be vulnerable to data breaches and cyberattacks.

Additionally, optometrists can face malpractice claims if a patient believes they were harmed due to negligence or improper treatment while receiving services.

Not all risks to an optometrist’s practice involve patient-provider encounters. Employees could be at risk of workplace injuries due to the nature of their duties, such as eye strain or repetitive motion problems. Each professional is exposed to occupational stress due to long hours, high patient loads, and the emotional toll of working with people experiencing vision loss or other serious eye conditions.

Those issues mean optometrist professional liability insurance is as important as malpractice protection.


Although not every instance of patient dissatisfaction or poor outcome is medical malpractice, the United States uses litigation to settle disputes. Optometrists can do everything right and still find themselves facing a lawsuit.

The most common reason for an optometrist malpractice insurance claim is a failure to diagnose. According to information from the National Provider Data Bank, this issue accounts for about 45% of lawsuits against optometrists. The three most frequently missed issues are tumors, glaucoma, and retinal detachment.

All other claims fall into the following four categories.

  • Diagnosis Delay. This issue occurs if a patient’s condition isn’t discovered early enough, allowing an illness, injury, or disease to progress unchecked.
  • Incorrect Diagnosis. An incorrect diagnosis often leads to unnecessary treatments and might not control disease progression.
  • Improper Management. Ordering or performing the wrong tests can lead to patient harm and potential litigation.
  • Failure to Refer or Consult. An optometrist that doesn’t send a patient to a specialist for further care or treatment could cause delays that result in adverse outcomes.

Optometrists need to be aware of and mitigate these risks, such as staying up-to-date on best practices and safety protocols, implementing strong cybersecurity measures, and taking breaks to manage occupational stress. Innovative policies from Professional Insurance Plans work to shore up the financial costs that could apply if a claim is valid.

Insurance for optometrists from Professional Insurance Plans are customizable to meet liability, workplace, and malpractice needs. More information about these opportunities is available at

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