InSight Mobile Data launches Enterprise Routing for Small Business

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LiveRoute® Fixed Route Tracking Software allows small to mid-sized fleets to plan and optimize routes, and then monitor work progress in real time on mobile devices.

California, MD (PRUnderground) October 23rd, 2019

InSight Mobile Data announces the release of new routing features to expand its LiveRoute® Fixed Route Tracking Software. Now, small to mid-sized fleets can plan and optimize routes without a complex and costly routing system, and then monitor work progress in real time on mobile devices using LiveRoute.

Part of StreetEagle’s fleet management platform, LiveRoute includes route planning, mapping, and optimization tools that seamlessly integrate with its Dispatch features to help organizations plan and automate their daily work. Work can be as simple as spreadsheets that can seamlessly import route data, or for more sophisticated operations the work can be integrated through StreetEagle’s routing API’s. In addition, the new services provide tremendous efficiency for operations that send drivers on the same routes daily. Once the routes are planned, they can be saved and then scheduled for automatic delivery to the team members who need them – all within the same StreetEagle software interface.

“We learned from our customers working in organizations that run fixed routes that one of the bigger headaches of managing the operation was in the route planning – there was just no easy and cost-effective way to do it,” said Doug Hawley, InSight’s COO. “Most of our small to medium sized customers are still using multiple spreadsheets, adding and deleting stops, and then figuring out how to make the routes more efficient,” said Hawley. “The platform already has a feature called Route Manager that makes it easy to embed the customer’s own spreadsheets. Using that feature, they can add, delete and then optimize with a few clicks, and then use LiveRoute to monitor progress in real time.”

One of the new enhancements is the ability to execute both basic and complex route optimization within the same StreetEagle platform. Customers who run routes of twenty-five (25) stops or less can take advantage of Google’s optimization tools to build those routes. Once the route is loaded, users can view the recommended route path in Google, visualize the route and then adjust the stop order as needed. And when advanced route optimization is needed, InSight offers an on-demand, fully-integrated optimization service for organizations with larger, most complex routes.

Chris Eller, InSight’s Director of Product Development said, “Advanced route optimization has really only been available to customers with larger fleets, more sophisticated routes and, frankly, bigger pockets. Now small fleets can use basic routing and large fleets with more complex needs (like service window constraints, right-turn only routing, same-side service, or driver breaks) can use the same StreetEagle platform.”

Once the routes are loaded in, optimized and dispatched, users can see live routes for the day displayed with a listing of each assigned stop on the route. These stops/jobs show the job information, current completion status, arrival/departure times (if completed), and duration of stop (if completed). On the map, a visual indication of route progress and completion makes it easy for dispatchers to quickly catch missed stops and react accordingly.

“I spend every day working with our customers in waste operations, and the small to medium organizations struggle with both the planning and the monitoring of fixed routes,” said Tom Saraceno, InSight’s Vertical Manager for the waste industry. “Spreadsheets everywhere, phones ringing, changes on-the-fly – believe me, it’s not pretty! But when you can bring all that work into one platform – one user interface – get it done right, and then watch progress in real time on your phone? It’s a miraculous transformation for these organizations.”

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InSight Mobile Data develops innovative mobile resource management and fleet safety solutions that provide real-time visibility into the mobile work environment. Our fully configurable StreetEagle® software platform provides the ability to capture, analyze and integrate mission-critical data from ALL mobile assets – vehicles, equipment and workers – to improve operational efficiency and safety.

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