InSight Mobile Data launches LiveRoute, real-time fixed route performance monitoring, at WasteExpo 2018

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New route tracking software allows fleet managers and supervisors to adjust routes in response to delays and deviations as they happen, instead of “after the fact”

California, MD (PRUnderground) April 17th, 2018

InSight Mobile Data, Inc. will unveil LiveRoute, a new solution for monitoring fixed route performance in real time, at the 2018 WasteExpo Solid Waste and Recycling trade show in Las Vegas, NV. LiveRoute is a unique, fixed route tracking software that gives fleet managers and supervisors the power to make adjustments to routes in response to delays and deviations as they happen, as opposed to “after the fact.”

“Waste companies that operate fixed routes often have poor visibility into the real-time performance of the vehicles or mobile workers associated with those routes,” said Doug Hawley, COO for InSight. “Using standard GPS tracking systems and/or standard routing and scheduling systems, locations of vehicles and workers are displayed on maps and status screens in real-time, but these views do not indicate their exact location relative to their scheduled location at that precise moment in time. In general, planned vs. actual is analyzed by toggling between multiple views or in reporting, after the fact – and after it is too late to make necessary adjustments.”

“LiveRoute alleviates this problem by providing information that displays how routes are performing compared to expectations in real-time. Having access to this kind of accurate, up-to-the-minute data results in better visibility into driver/vehicle performance, less toggling between applications for information, opportunities to coach drivers in real time, and improved response times. Both solid and liquid waste companies will be far more capable of adjusting to delays and provide the best service possible to their customers,” Hawley explained.

Chris Eller, director of Product Development for InSight, explained the benefits this way: “Using LiveRoute, dispatchers can check on the status and completion of every route in one convenient view, informed by real-time data. Individual routes can be clicked on to drill down to the individual stops to determine which were completed or missed, and when. This feature is extremely handy for dispatchers or supervisors who want to capture a real-time view of all of the route activity currently happening in the field.”

“LiveRoute was designed to provide managers with real-time route performance from any computer or mobile device,” Eller summarized. “From high level route completion analytics, to on screen planned vs. actual mapping, LiveRoute more than delivers the visibility that route-based operation managers have been asking for. And most importantly, InSight fully automates the setup of LiveRoute with a seamless integration into existing routing packages. It’s a route performance package unlike any other available.”

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InSight Mobile Data develops innovative mobile resource management and fleet safety solutions that provide real-time visibility into the mobile work environment. Our fully configurable StreetEagle® software platform provides the ability to capture, analyze and integrate mission-critical data from ALL mobile assets – vehicles, equipment and workers – to improve operational efficiency and safety.

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