Integratz Launches Intelligent RPA-as-a-Service (iRaaS)

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Dallas, TX (PRUnderground) January 17th, 2019

Integratz is helping customers access the benefits of Intelligent Automation (IA) and robotic process automation (RPA) faster than ever with a flexible and transparent “as-a-service” approach.  This new Intelligent RPA as-a-Service (iRaaS) platform will allow customers to begin their automation journey effectively and without the anxiety typically associated with investing in the software, IT infrastructure and training that would otherwise be necessary.  With a simple pay-as-you-go pricing model, a wider range of customers will have access to the cost savings and process efficiency of RPA, enjoying faster deployment times and added security benefits.

RPA has been generating increasingly sizable customer demand over the past several years, largely due to its ability to quickly and unobtrusively automate business processes. This enables organizations to save money fast, increasing efficiency while simultaneously decreasing errors.  In addition to the standard benefits of RPA, Integratz’s iRaaS leverages machine learning and elements of AI to enhance the decision-making capability of the solution by reaffirming accuracy and reliability.  Hosted and managed entirely on the cloud, and with a robust high-availability architecture, the iRaaS platform ensures customers always have the latest updates and features without having to suffer issues resulting from server-downtime.

On the service, Integratz Founder & CEO, Josh Burnley, said, “Almost every organization has an automation initiative, but many are failing to achieve the full-potential of RPA, which can impact organizational growth and lead to anxiety.  This is compounded by the dual-pressure of having to build a strong business case leading to short-term gains, while, at the same time, be positioned to deliver on the long-term benefits of RPA, seen in areas like higher customer satisfaction and increased agility.  Working with Integratz addresses both challenges by achieving durable long-term value, not only through lowered costs and increased efficiency, but also via rapid gains in organizational capacity – and with a transparent cost structure from the very start.”

Integratz works with organizations to understand their processes and business architecture to identify use cases and implement a custom roadmap for each Intelligent Automation journey. Clients need only to pick the process they want to automate, and Integratz will design and build a production-ready robotics solution, complete with a built-in analytics platform to keep them informed every step of the way.

Check out the iRaaS Platform here: 

About Integrātz

Integratz is bold in delivering Intelligent Automation services that combine the efficiency of robotic process automation (RPA) with the decision-making power of artificial intelligence (AI). Integratz uses process, data, automation, and AI to build data-driven Intelligent Automation solutions that strengthen and enable an organization’s current workforce to drive performance for years to come. The company is made up of a diverse community of innovative thinkers passionate about helping clients to innovate and be the disruptor in their industry. Integratz provides services in Intelligent Automation to leading oil & gas, aerospace, financial services, healthcare, insurance, utilities, and technology companies. For additional information, visit

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