Introducing Sculptor Hantz & His Amazing Knot Sculptures

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300Magazine is pleased to introduce Sculptor Hantz, a talented contemporary artist who creates complex and absolutely amazing knot sculptures.

New York, NY (PRUnderground) December 12th, 2020

300Magazine is pleased to introduce Sculptor Hantz, a talented contemporary artist who creates absolutely amazing knot sculptures for public spaces and private collections. Works by Sculptor Hantz have been exhibited at a range of exhibitions across the United States, and they are installed in the parks of New York City and Jacksonville Beach, Florida. Hantz completely controls the creation of each of his sculptures from the very inception, including the processes of casting, welding, and finishing. Such dedication to work makes his knot sculptures truly exceptional, each with its own personality and style.

Mel Hantz, mostly known as Sculptor Hantz, is a New York City-based artist whose ability to work with metal goes beyond the boundaries of skill. To create his fascinating knot sculptures, Sculptor Hantz uses recycled materials (bronze, iron, aluminum, and copper) and a modernized sand casting process that he has become an expert in. Each of his sculptures is born from a perfect fuse of control (experience, method, and structure) and freedom (techniques and accidents) that the artist masterfully combines in his work. Quality is ensured at every step of the process, from casting to welding to finishing, and is fully controlled by Sculptor Hantz himself.

A knot has become a symbol of Sculptor Hantz. The artist creates his knot sculptures in a wide range of sizes, textures, and configurations. The way he converts something as soft and flexible as a rope knot into a hard and solid metal sculpture that can support weight is the true magic of contemporary art, which comes to life thanks to the artist’s mastery of technique and form.

Sculptor Hantz says, “The Knot became for me a euphemism for the intellectually complex process of extrapolating backwards from the art works culmination through inception, practical application, and incubation.

The knot in the work of Mel Hantz is an analogy and metaphor for life. Each of his sculptures is a complex, intricate, interactive, and revealing object that is heavy and light at the same time. His metal knots are aimed at binding humanity into a harmonious aesthetic reconciliation, thus influencing the change.

Works by Sculptor Hantz have been exhibited at the University of Alaska, Pratt Institute, Herzl Institute, Sotheby’s Special Exhibition, Margo Feiden Gallery, R.K. Parker Gallery, Jack Alonzo Gallery, and other venues across the United States. They are in permanent collections of the Cooper Union and Vorpal Gallery and many private collections worldwide. You can also see original artworks by Sculptor Hantz installed in Corlears Hook Park in New York City and City Hall Park in Jacksonville Beach, Florida.

Photo courtesy of Mel Hantz

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