Invest Diva Helps Fellow Moms Hedge Against Recession with Investing Strategy Event

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Kiana Danial, founder of the Invest Diva movement for women, hosted the Portfolio Millionaire Secrets event to help investors build recession-proof portfolios.

New York, NY (PRUnderground) July 27th, 2023

With inflation and interest rates rising in tandem with gas and food prices, Kiana Dania, founder of Invest Diva, said that it’s time for women to get their hands dirty in the financial market and start building portfolios that can weather the inevitable market swings. Kiana hosted the July 8-9 virtual event to a packed Zoom space of moms and other women looking to better understand the market and secure their financial futures.

Participants learned about:

  • How the global financial market works
  • Low-risk options trading
  • Decentralized finance (DeFi)
  • Whole life insurance policy tax deduction strategies
  • Swing trading and long-term investing technical analysis
  • Fundamental analysis methods for value investing

“The most common feedback we get is praise for taking complex topics and making them simple, accessible, and fun,” said Kiana. “Too many women are stumbling in the investment space or avoiding it altogether. All they need is education and a supportive community. Invest Diva is no scam. It fills this gap and changes the future for women.

Kiana started Invest Diva after discovering that women in Japan were making millions on the foreign exchange market, while women in the U.S. were lagging behind. The difference was a matter of education, and Kiana made it her mission to teach U.S. women what they needed to know to excel in portfolio building.

“There’s no reason women can’t be dominating the investment market. Their decisions are often wiser and less risky than their male counterparts,” said Kiana. “Many women are uniquely equipped for successful investing, and we work to unlock this potential.”

Kiana maintains that a time of market uncertainty is not a time to avoid the market but rather to invest in it. The Portfolio Millionaire Secrets event shared ideas to leverage this uncertainty and brought in a flood of 5-star reviews to Invest Diva’s hundreds of online ratings. Common themes were that investors appreciated the “energy,” “fascinating lectures,” and supportive community. Attendees said that they “felt a lot more confident on my path toward my financial goals” and appreciated the “hands-on learning” and attention to “unique risk tolerances.”

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About Invest Diva

Founded by an award-winning, internationally recognized personal investing and wealth management speaker Kiana Danial, Invest Diva aims to empower moms, women, and entrepreneurs to become financially independent.

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