Is the HiPeak Elias Folding Electric Bike Superior to the RATTAN LM 750 PRO?

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This article will provide an in-depth comparison of the HiPeak Elias and RATTAN LM 750 PRO electric fat tire bikes.

Los Angeles, CA (PRUnderground) April 26th, 2023

The e-bike market is increasingly booming, with a variety of brands and models emerging. Among them, HiPeak Elias and Rattan LM 750 Pro are two electric bikes that have attracted much attention. This review article will compare these two electric fat tire bikes in depth, reviewing their performance in detail in terms of design, performance parameters and riding experience, and discussing their differences, advantages and disadvantages in actual use. Finally, we will see if HiPeak Elias can crush Rattan LM 750 Pro, or if Rattan LM 750 Pro is still the best in the electric bike market.

Bike model introduction

The Elias is HiPEAK’s latest lightweight and practical folding e-bike and is manufactured entirely in HiPEAK’s own factory. Featuring a 750W brushless motor and a removable 48V 15Ah lithium-ion battery, it reaches a top speed of 25 mph and a range of up to 60 miles on a single charge. HiPeak Elias helps simplify everyday challenges, unleash the dynamism and put hard-to-achieve ambitions within reach. Since its launch, this Elias has also been widely welcomed by North American users for its superb cost performance.

The Rattan LM 750 Pro, on the other hand, is a model released by Rattan Bikes four years ago.After its establishment in 2018, Rattan Bikes has launched several popular electric fat tire bicycle products in just a few years, among which the Rattan LM 750 Pro is one of its most popular products. Since the launch of this bike, Rattan Bikes has been continuously improving and enhancing the performance and usage experience of this model. For example, in recent years, the Rattan LM 750 Pro has adopted more advanced motor technology, larger capacity battery, more efficient braking system and other upgrades and improvements to provide better performance and longer range.

Specification of HiPeak Elias and Rattan LM 750 Pro

Brand                              HiPEAK ELIAS                          RATTAN LM 750 PRO

Price                                 $1299                                           $1249

Battery                 Removable 48V 15Ah lithium battery   Removable 48V 13Ah lithium battery

Max range                  60 miles per charge                      55 miles per charge

Motor                        750W brushless motor                  750Wbrushless motor

Max load-capacity     350 pounds                                    300 pounds

Tire                            20″ X 4″ fat tires                           20″ X 4″ fat tires

Brake                         Dis brake                                        Dis brake

Step-Thru Model           Yes                                                NO

Folding size          44.09″*26.77″*12.60″                    38.6″ x 28″ x 18″

Frame weight             61 pounds                                    65 pounds

Light        LED lights with brake indicator light        LED lights with brake indicator light

LCD         LCD multifunctional display screen          LCD multifunctional display screen

Electric assist level    7 level                                            5 level

Common features

HiPeak Elias and Rattan LM 750 Pro are two electric folding bikes that are very similar in terms of overall positioning and target groups, so they have many common features in terms of product functions and parameters, but of course, there may still be some differences in their specific usage performance. The following is a review and analysis of their common features.


Both HiPeak Elias and Rattan LM 750 Pro are equipped with 750W motor. Therefore, both bikes can easily handle climbs and complex road conditions. However, the Rattan LM 750 Pro claims that its motor can reach a peak power of 1200W and a top speed of 28 miles per hour. In comparison, HiPeak Elias is slightly lower, but also reaches 25 mph.

It should be noted that the 1200W peak power of the Rattan LM 750 Pro is instantaneous and not sustainable. While at some point the rider can experience a more powerful start, it is also a greater drain on power. What’s more, most places in the U.S. do not allow adult e-bikes to have a motor power exceeding 750W. Therefore, there is not much difference between HiPeak Elias and Rattan LM 750 Pro in regard of the actual function of the motor.

Fat tires

As for the tires, both HiPeak Elias and Rattan LM 750 Pro use 20″ X 4″ fat tires. Compared to regular tires, many people are aware of the benefits of fat tires, such as stronger grip and puncture resistance, better stability, comfort, and better ability to go over obstacles.

On the other hand, there is a significant difference in tire treads between Elias and LM 750 Pro. The tire tread of LM 750 Pro is much less than that of Elias and looks harder. Although it looks simpler, when riding with the same size fat tires, the comfort of Rattan LM 750 Pro is inferior to HiPeak Elias.


On the official website, Rattan LM 750 Pro is $50 cheaper than HiPeak Elias – Rattan LM 750 Pro is $1249, and HiPeak Elias is $1299. The two models have similar overall prices, and compared to most other electric fat tire bikes in the US market, they have a high cost-performance ratio.

Riders who frequent shop online should know that the official website prices often do not equal the actual transaction price. Both HiPeak and Rattan periodically offer purchase discount plans. Currently, purchasing Elias on the HiPeak website can enjoy a $120 discount per folding electric bike and a free electric bike double bag worth $69. On Rattan’s official website, purchasing LM 750 Pro can enjoy a $50 discount. Therefore, although the official website price of HiPeak Elias is $50 more expensive than Rattan LM 750 Pro, the actual purchase price of Elias is $89 cheaper than LM 750 Pro.

Main difference

Although these two bikes have many similarities, they are still different models from different brands, so there are bound to be many differences. The following will introduce the main differences between HiPeak Elias and Rattan LM 750 Pro.

Appearance design

Although both HiPeak Elias and Rattan LM 750 Pro are foldable bikes, at first glance, the design styles of the two fat tire electric bikes are completely different. HiPeak Elias uses a Step Through design, while Rattan LM 750 Pro uses a Step Over design. In addition, both models have three color options – Elias in yellow, white, and gray-blue; LM 750 Pro in gray, green, and black.

If someone asks which overall style is more popular, there seems to be no standard answer because people’s tastes are not always the same. However, in terms of applicable users, the Step Through design of HiPeak Elias is definitely more widely applicable than the Step Over design of Rattan LM 750 Pro. Especially for those who are not particularly agile, HiPeak Elias is undoubtedly a better choice.


As we all know, for electric bikes, the battery is one of the most expensive components. Both folding electric bikes have removable external batteries. But in terms of capacity, HiPeak Elias wins with its 48V, 15Ah high-capacity lithium battery configuration, while Rattan LM 750 Pro has a slightly smaller 48V, 13Ah battery.

The biggest benefit of the large capacity battery is the long range, Elias has a range of 60 miles, while LM 750 Pro claims to have a range of 55 miles. Of course, the actual range will be affected by terrain, riding style and many other factors. However, because of the larger capacity battery, there is no doubt that HiPeak Elias has a stronger range than Rattan LM 750 Pro.

Electric assist level

Electric bikes usually have a choice of 7 and 5 levels of electric assistance. These levels control the amount of power output from the motor and affect the speed, range and riding experience of the e-bike. HiPeak Elias are paired with Level 7 pedal assist, while the Rattan LM 750 Pro is Level 5.

In terms of practical experience, the 7-level electric assist system is superior to the 5-level electric assist, mainly in the following aspects:

Finer adjustment: 7-level electric assist can adjust the power output of the motor in a more detailed way, providing a smoother riding experience and more accurate control. This is important for riders who need a high degree of adjustability.

Longer range: 7-level electric assist can provide higher or lower power output as needed to extend battery life and increase range. This is especially important when long rides or long distance travel is required.

Higher adaptability: 7-level electric assist can be adjusted accordingly to different riding conditions and road changes, such as gradient, wind resistance, road conditions, etc. This means riders can adapt to various environments more easily and enjoy a more convenient and comfortable riding experience.

Therefore, HiPeak Elias has won again in terms of electric assist level.


Ratten has been promoting its load-capacity on its website, claiming that its electric folding bicycles can easily transport children, groceries, or anything else needed. In fact, the maximum load capacity of the Rattan LM 750 Pro also reaches 300 pounds, and it can indeed achieve most of the cargo functions they advertise.

However, in terms of load capacity, HiPeak Elias is also not inferior at all, even exceeding the maximum load capacity of the LM 750 Pro by 50 pounds – reaching 350 pounds. There is no doubt that Elias can fully realize the cargo functions promoted by LM 750 Pro, and even better than the LM 750 Pro.


In this electric bicycle evaluation, both folding electric bicycles performed exceptionally well. In terms of the final conclusion, the HiPeak Elias outperformed the Rattan LM 750 Pro in electric assist level, load capacity, battery, and range. While in the motor and appearance design aspects, the two are similar but with small differences.

Overall, the HiPeak Elias is superior to the Rattan LM 750 Pro, but the difference between the pros and cons of the two bicycles is not very significant, and the HiPeak Elias did not completely dominate. Of course, the HiPeak Elias is still the better choice.


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