Is Your Clinic Insurance Enough? Nurse Practitioners Learn Why They Need More From Professional Insurance Plans

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Malpractice insurance protects nurse practitioners from potential claims and lawsuits, ensuring their financial security and Professional Insurance Plans wants to help ensure everyone has the protection they need.

Lexington, KY (PRUnderground) May 1st, 2024

Malpractice insurance for nurse practitioners offers essential protections for those professionals who see people regularly in a clinic-style setting. With this coverage, it is much easier to protect one’s future by having a defense against potential claims.

Professional Insurance Plans provides resources in malpractices and liability for nurses, nurse practitioners, CRNAs, and other specialties in the medical industry. We recommend reviewing these policies annually to ensure the coverage is adequate.


The clinic’s insurance usually covers acts within the scope of employment, meaning if the nurse performs their duties according to their role, it should protect them. However, there are often conditions or limits to this protection.

If a nurse practitioner were to perform a procedure they are not licensed or authorized to do, the insurance might not offer protection in the event of a lawsuit.

Another aspect to consider is whether the nurse is an employee of the clinic or an independent contractor. Employees are more likely to be covered under the clinic’s policy, whereas independent contractors might need their own policy.

The specifics can vary quite a bit depending on the policy, healthcare setting, and state laws where the clinic operates. If a nurse is unsure of their coverage, a call to a professional insurance company can settle any concerns.


Professional liability insurance for nurse practitioners is necessary to protect these medical professionals from legal claims related to their work. These claims might allege negligence, errors, or omissions that resulted in harm to a patient.

The question of whether one needs nursing liability insurance or coverage for another specialty depends on several factors beyond one’s employment status or clinical setting.

  • When a nurse’s practice has a broad scope, there is a greater need to have insurance coverage for those activities.
  • Some jurisdictions may have specific requirements or recommendations for nurses regarding professional liability insurance.
  • Nurses transitioning to new roles or employers, especially those moving into independent or consultative positions, should reassess their need for personal coverage.

Knowing that there is protection in place in case of a lawsuit can alleviate the stress associated with potential legal challenges. It ensures that nurses can access legal defense and coverage for settlement costs or damages awarded without jeopardizing their finances.

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