Italian Mayor of Celleno Responds to Jennifer Lopez who Wants to Live in a Small Village in Italy: “Here you can Find the Beauty and Privacy you are Looking for Invitation was Sent From the Municipality”

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After the star Jennifer Lopez few days ago said she'd love to live in a small country in Italy the mayor of the ghost village of Celleno Marco Bianchi formally sent an invitation to the well-known American artist.

Celleno,Italy (PRUnderground) January 17th, 2020

In the past few hours several newspapers reported that in Jennifer Lopez would love living a small village in Italy, with a quiet lifestyle. On Vanity Fair she stated: “I’ll sooner or later leave the United States and move to a small village in Italy (or Bali) to live in peace a simpler and more peaceful life.”

Mr. Marco Bianchi, mayor of Celleno, a small town of just 1300 inhabitants an hour’s drive from Rome, did not hesitate to personally invite the well-known star . So Mayor Marco Bianchi: “reading the wishes of the well-known singer, actress and entrepreneur she really seems to talk about our small town, which offers beauty, greenery, good food and privacy. We live in a territory called Tuscia characterized by unique beauty, we are surrounded by Lake Bolsena, Civita di Bagnoregio, Orvieto and enjoy an excellent strategic position throughout Italy.  We proceeded to send a formal invitation from the municipality to the artist. More we can not add, but sometimes dreams come true for both. You never know…”.

The municipality of Celleno, of great beauty, appreciated all over the world and recently reported by The Guardian among most beautiful ghost villages in Italy, recently became the set for the film “Black Moon” (Luna Nera) – out on Netflix at the end of the month. The ghost village of Celleno is called so because the ancient part of the village was abandoned many years ago following an earthquake. For 40 years there lived in the Orsini Castle of the Old Town only one artist, who died a couple of years ago, Enrico Castellani who produced in the small town his collections of works of art, known and exhibited all over the world, worth several million euros each. A small town that collects so many hidden gems, where you can live a quiet life, immersed in greenery and history, with a high standard of quality of life.

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About Celleno

The municipality of Celleno is located in the province of Viterbo, on a tufaceous spur in a strategic position: between Civita di Bagnoregio and Lake Bolsena, just an hour from Rome by car, and near Orvieto and the border with Tuscany. The origins of Celleno are very ancient: from the time of the Etruscans, passing through the Medieval era.

Of great importance, it’s the majestic medieval castle located in the main square of the medieval village. The Orsini Castle, once inhabited by a large part of the population, was abandoned after a violent earthquake. For 40 years the castle was subsequently inhabited only by internationally renowned artist Enrico Castellani, who died in December 2017. Castellani in his laboratory-studio in the castle of Celleno created most of his art spread all over the world and that reaches millions of euros per work.

Today, visiting the Orsini Castle, it is possible to breathe the art of the master recently passed away, together with the uninhabited structure. Celleno is the ”Ghost Village ” for its beauty remained intact, with the Orsini Castle on the cliff-face, such as the nearby Civita di Bagnoregio and the surrounding area, green and full of opportunity for slow tourism, cultural and enogastronomic routes.

Particularly well known is the Cherries festival in Celleno held every year, with the characteristic ”cherry pit spitting” with the proclamation of the national winner of who has been able to expel the core at a greater distance.

Spectacular view of the Inferaccio waterfall, where the water is orange, due to the strong presence of iron.

Also worth a visit is a former convent, where for several years a community resides and it’s a point of attraction for spiritual retreats; the ancient church of San Rocco, the medieval village at the foot of the castle.

Many artists have visited so far and noticed Celleno for its beauty and for the start of film projects, such as the recent visit of the movie director Paolo Sorrentino.

Celleno has been feautured on The Telegraph among “Beautiful villages lost to time: Italy’s incredible ghost towns”.

Drone footage of Celleno and its castle:

Further info about filming in Celleno:

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