iTopia Coaching & Consulting Launches “Getting Out of the Rut by Getting Unstuck” Online Self-Directed Mindset Coaching Program

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Acclaimed Personal Empowerment Coach Claire Rogers opens the door to developing an empowering mindset and pushing beyond limiting beliefs in her new online coaching program.

London, England (PRUnderground) July 13th, 2020

It isn’t uncommon to feel a sense of lost purpose, a lack of satisfaction in life or a general low level of happiness. Fortunately, help is out there for those who know where to look. In exciting news in this area London-based iTopia Coaching & Consulting, led by mindset, wellbeing and personal empowerment coach Claire Rogers is doing its best to help. Rogers recently announced the launch of her new online self-directed mindset coaching program called “Getting Out of the Rut by Getting Unstuck”. “Getting Out of the Rut by Getting Unstuck” is packed with actionable, eye-opening material, constructed around the idea that life satisfaction and happiness comes from pushing past limiting beliefs, the status quo and comfort zones. The enthusiasm surrounding the new online program is high.

“Never limit the vision you have for yourself based on your current circumstances,” comments Rogers. “You are not stuck! My new program can help in a very big way when working to overcoming these kinds of challenges. It’s based on my personal experience, so I know first-hand it works if client’s put the time and effort into completing the program. The end result is, very often, a complete positive U-turn! We all deserve that kind of reset.”

The 12-week online program consists of eight modules broken down into 93 lessons and exercises, eight videos and seven audio recordings, all of the highest quality, and filler-free. Everything included Rogers has seen work in her own life, so she has complete confidence teaching it to others.

The early feedback for “Getting Out of the Rut by Getting Unstuck” has been incredibly positive.

Lisa S., from New York, recently said in a five-star review, “I was totally stuck in a rut in my personal and business life and, then the pandemic hit. That only made things worse and I wasn’t sure what to do. A close friend recommended I explore Coach Claire Rogers work. I’ve been taking her new program, acting on the suggestions, and I am seeing positive change already. Totally recommended.”

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About iTopia Coaching & Consulting

Claire Rogers, founder of iTopia Coaching & Consulting specialises in mindset coaching. With her private clients, she coaches them to rise to their highest level of personal and professional growth by developing a positive mindset and creating healthy, purposeful lives. She does this by aiding her clients to re-discover their passions and create healthy habits and empowering beliefs.

With her business clients, she trains and speaks on corporate wellness to support, improve and implement effective transformational change to enhance employee wellbeing, talent retention, productivity and employee engagement. She is passionate about driving business strategies and
ensuring results while also maintaining employee health and wellness.

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