It’s Time To End Stressful Partings, Home Pet Euthanasia Is Here

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Brisbane, Australia (PRUnderground) August 17th, 2022

61% of Australian households, according to the RSPCA, have a pet. And there is nothing more stressful for a pet owner than the day it comes to say goodbye to their animal and to have it put down.

Traditionally, this means taking the animal to a vet and having it put to sleep at the vet’s surgery. This can be distressing for the owner and the animal in question.

As Dr. Audrey Harvey, the Veterinary Director of Rainbow Bridge In Home Pet Euthanasia, says, “Most pets hate going to the vet’s surgery at any time. And that means that end of life services maybe highly stressful for the animal and the owner. But there is another way to go about this.”

Announcing Home Pet Euthanasia

Many people are unaware that they don’t have to go through the process of taking their animal to a veterinary clinic, instead, they could have their veterinarians come to them.

At Rainbow Bridge, they launched their home pet euthanasia service two years ago and that means that your pet can move on from this life in more familiar circumstances.

You choose the location that your pet will be most comfortable in, you can bring the people that will want to be there for your pet, and the procedure can be carried out at your pace (and your pet’s pace) in a way that is comforting to all.

Audrey says, “It’s very important to most pet owners to minimise the distress of their pet as well as that of their family when their pet passes. Our service is passionate about giving your pet a gentle way to pass, surrounded by their family in a place where they feel truly at home.”

“We can’t eliminate, entirely, that this is a set of unpleasant circumstances, but we can minimize the discomfort and distress caused by external factors. My team of Bronwen, Mel, Rachel, Kirsten and myself are all ready to provide your pet with a gentle, kind passage from this life.”

Planned End Of Life Care

“One thing we’d encourage in loving families is to talk about end-of-life care for your pet as a family unit before the end comes. If you can hold a constructive dialog about your pet when they are very old or have been diagnosed as terminally ill, you can start to think about their final experience.”

Audrey continues, “This vital conversation ensures that you can plan the passing of the beloved animal and ensure that you are providing a gentle experience for them and for the people that they leave behind. Mourning a pet as the Animal Health Foundation says is as stressful as losing a relative.”

And many people simply don’t know that home euthanasia is a possibility, in fact, Rainbow Bridge has helped pets pass in a variety of locations where they would be most comfortable. This includes on the couch in a living room, by a warm, cosy fireplace and in places near the home like a beach or by a dam.

This also provides a safe space for mourning together as a family after the pet passes, and this can help provide emotional support to vulnerable individuals.

Service Constraints

It is worth noting that not every veterinary clinic provides this service, however, because of restraints on human resources. This is why Rainbow Bridge has developed this as a unique service offering – because while you may not have any choice about losing a pet, the way that they go matters.

Dr Audrey has completed further training through the Companion Animal Euthanasia Training Academy.

She says that “the greatest gift of love that we can give to our pets is not to allow them to suffer. Their final days should not be the worst of days.”

Home euthanasia is becoming an increasingly popular choice to celebrate a pet’s life and to allow those left behind to better manager their pain.

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