iVault Home Protection Celebrates Milestone With its 1000th Installation of Patented Product

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As homeowners become aware that only a thin ½” piece of wood protects a home from intruders, Company sees an explosion in sales.

Atlanta, GA (PRUnderground) June 22nd, 2021

Founded by a disabled African-American veteran and his wife, iVault Home Protection has just hit a benchmark.  Addressing the need to keep families safe in their homes, Freeman D. Fields I, a contractor for 25+ years, noticed a flaw in the general design of all residential doors. He utilized his experience as a contractor and serial innovator to create a solution to this massive problem. Enter, iVault Home Protection. Fields’ patented product, iVault Door Reinforcement Kit, has transformed 1000’s of homes into “invisible vaults” across the country to prevent burglaries. iVault Door Reinforcement Kit improves and strengthens all the weak areas of a door and makes it very difficult for criminals to break-in a home. Proving his system helps fight crime, Fields and company have directly installed more than 1000+ iVault Door Reinforcements throughout the Greater Atlanta Area.

Fields said, “Many of us feel secure in our homes behind locked doors with the latest security system and cameras. With all these security measures, ever wonder why so many burglars are “caught on camera” victimizing innocent unsuspecting families? This is because criminals know that being “caught on camera” usually does not lead to being caught for the crime. Burglars are also willing to take the risk because they know something else you may not be aware. That is, no matter how strong your door and lock, it is only a small ½” piece of wood in your doorjamb near the locks that stands between them and your family’s safety.”

There are two types of home security measures, burglary detection and burglary prevention. Guess which is the only one designed to actually stop criminals? Traditional home security companies only use burglary detection as a deterrent (e.g. alarms, cameras, sensors) to prevent burglars from entering a home. However, recent statistics show home alarms aren’t working as criminals are becoming more brazen in their efforts to rob families of precious valuables. This is because home alarms and cameras were never designed to actually stop break-ins, only to inform owners that a burglar is attempting or has entered.

iVault Home Protection is one of the few companies in the entire U.S. to provide both burglary detection and burglary prevention products that actually stops criminals from getting into homes. “The patented door reinforcement system inconspicuously makes almost any door 5x stronger against break-ins without installing expensive bulky bars,” Fields said. This decorative reinforcement kit not only enhances the door’s décor with its beautifully crafted stainless-steel bracket, it also strengthens that ½” weak area in the doorjamb which the entire integrity of the door depends on to keep families safe.

iVault will soon launch other products to keep families safe personally, in their automobiles, in schools, in public gatherings, and more.

For more information, visit www.iVaultProtection.com.


Freeman D. Fields I

CEO, iVault Home Protection



About iVault Home Protection

Founded in 2015, iVault Home Protection was created to address the growing problem of burglary plaguing the U.S. Its primary mission is to restore the comfort of safety in one’s home and community. As a veteran African-American-owned company, its secondary mission is to create an opportunity for veterans and citizens to provide an additional stream of income for the family.

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