Jacquees Announces Highly Anticipated King of the Metaverse NFT

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Known as the King of R&B, Jacquees has a whole new experience for fans

Atlanta, GA (PRUnderground) September 22nd, 2022

Jacquees, the smooth, contemporary artist who is known by many as the King of R&B, has just announced the official launch of his highly anticipated entrance into the metaverse.

Jacquees is a distinguished artist in his own right, and as part of his unique brand of artistry, he is always looking for new and exciting ways to engage his fan base. Turning to the digital realm, Jacquees found the metaverse calling his name. This led to the development of a project called “King of the Metaverse”.

King of the Metaverse is establishing itself as its own multimedia Web3.0 brand and experience, which promises to be an immersive and fun experience for fans. The platform combines a Web3 experience with an exclusive NFT collection consisting of 10,000 unique 3D illustrated metahumans from 5 unique art styles.

The first collection will feature 3D illustrations of Jacquees while also serving as an access pass for seeing the King of R&B like never before. Fans will have access to exciting features such as new content and music, IRL events, concerts, virtual meetups, limited edition merch, and much more.

“I love my fans who have supported me,” said Jacquees. “The ‘King of the Metaverse’ NFT collection is my way of giving back to them and connecting with them on a whole new level.”

The first ‘King of the Metaverse’ NFT collection will feature tribes beginning with the most exclusive, the Cyborg Tribe, and also including the Pixel, Zombie, Cyberpunk, and Galaxy tribes. Investing in this first NFT collection also includes exclusive prizes. Four people will go to dinner and enjoy a two hour mentorship with Jacquees. One winner, to be be chosen from the Cyborg Tribe, will receive studio time with Jacquees.

This is all part of the first phase of the King of the Metaverse roll out. Upcoming phases will include even further expansion of the metaverse and NFT collections. More information can be found at https://kingofthemetaverse.io.

About Jacquees

Jacquees is the King of R&B, and now, he’s the King of the Metaverse with a brand new NFT collection.

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