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Jake Farrago Announces ‘No Place Like Hutch’: A Groundbreaking Film That’s a Love Letter to Classic Cinema

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No Place Like Hutch Explores the Greatest Triumphs of Hollywood History in the Heart of Kansas

Hollywood, CA (PRUnderground) September 27th, 2022

City Lights. Metropolis. The Wizard of Oz. The greatest films ever are stored in a salt mine 650 feet underground. Welcome to Hutchinson, Kansas. For fifty years this town has served as the secret destination for film preservation, keeping Hollywood’s history stored safely underground. Now, one screenwriter is on a mission to bring those buried classics back to life. Jake Farrago is proud to announce the development of No Place Like Hutch, a coming-of-age comedy that digs deeper into the timeless treasures that lie beneath the town and the special role they play there.

In today’s movie business, what do films mean anymore? Digital platforms and streaming services have changed the industry forever, and a new generation of trending content leaves little room for anything else. The result has meant the grandeur of cinema—with its dazzling pictures and marquee theaters —now faces the serious threat of disappearing for good.

No Place Like Hutch, currently in development as a feature film, is set to tackle these issues by blending old Hollywood with modern times. Viewers follow a teenage girl who’s swept up in movie magic when classic film characters come to life. The problem: she’s the only one who can see them, and she has no idea who they are. In order to save the characters from disappearing, she must rescue these films with a little help from her small Kansas town.

It’s that same message of community that inspired the real-life Hutchinson to stage a live performance of the film. Complete with local actors, the people of Hutchinson came together for one special night to present No Place Like Hutch at the historic theater downtown. This event was not only a celebration of everything film, but a reminder that sometimes it takes new faces from unexpected places to bring the magic back to life.

As No Place Like Hutch now looks to make its way to the big screen, a recent quote from director Martin Scorsese speaks to today’s audience at large:

“Those of us who know the cinema and its history have to share our love and our knowledge with as many people as possible … they are among the greatest treasures of our culture, and they must be treated accordingly.”

To learn more about No Place Like Hutch and the film’s development please visit: hutch.film

About Jake Farrago

Jake Farrago loves people, places, and the films that connect us. He’s also written for both Warner Bros. and Lionsgate on some of their biggest VR projects, and is now embarking on a groundbreaking film project to pay homage to Hollywood’s classics with No Place Like Hutch.

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