Jamecia Bennett & The Sounds of Blackness collaborates with Buddy McLain on a “Thankful” mission

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The new single, “So Thankful” released on Black Friday, November 25, 2022, just in time for the holidays

Minneapolis, MN (PRUnderground) November 29th, 2022

Grammy Award Winning singer, actress and director, Jamecia Bennett, joins national hip-hop, recording artist, Buddy McLain for release of a new single. The song, “So Thankful” was released on Black Friday, just in time or the holidays. The mission and message of this new single is to remind us how we experience countless blessings daily, and they’re often overlooked.

Led by grief and disbelief, Andre Locke, formerly known as Lil Buddy, is the father of Amir Locke, a 22-year-old Black American man, fatally shot on February 2, 2022, by Minneapolis Police Department. Instead of channeling his emotions into something negative, he is now on a mission to turn tragedy into triumph.

Locke explains, “This was the most devastating experience any parent could ever face. I was in pain. I was hurt. But during this time, which was possibly the weakest point in my life, I heard from God! My being overwhelmed with grief turned into being overwhelmed with thankfulness.”

Buddy leaned into music, what he knows has helped many through trying times. He wants his music to communicate a message to others, through their love for music. The goal is to reach one and teach one. Music is a universal language that is widely communicated. Buddy McLain hopes his new music could help save lives; especially those of young black males. His plans are to lead by example through exemplifying a life of dedication, discipline, direction, determination, and transformation.

Over the past two years, the world watched Minneapolis experience civil unrest and divide. The single, “So Thankful” is a song Buddy feels God put in his heart for times such as this. The artists collaborating on this single are all Minneapolis/St. Paul based and centered in the unrest. The song not only features Jamecia Bennet, but also features the three-time Grammy Award winning ensemble, Sounds of Blackness. The music is produced by the Emmy nominated composer/producer, Marc Ellis. The video commemorates our ancestral past, reminiscent of their struggle and encouraging our gratitude.  The song inspires us to honor how far we’ve come yet reminds us that we must continue to stand against injustice.

Jamecia Bennett and The Sounds of Blackness is known for making music that heals the heart and are honored to be featured on this project. “I wanted my input of writing this song to be healing. To be grateful for life, family, and the things that matter. I wanted to give our right now generation, as well as the millennial generation, an anthem song that spoke an affirmation into their souls. In 1992, we released a hit single, “Optimistic”. That song became a national hymn, for that generation of people, in that moment and time.” Said Jamecia

About Buddy McLain

Andre Locke BKA ”Buddy McLain” is a talented hip hop artist who burst upon the Twin Cities
music scene, literally with the power of a ticking time bomb. Originally from Chicago, Buddy
moved to Minneapolis with hopes of making it BIG on the buzzing Minneapolis music scene.
Buddy began to rifle off a string of local hits including ”What’s The Haps” and ”Woo Woo” as
well as penning songs with Prince, Mint Condition, and the Sounds of Blackness. Coming from a
troubled past, Buddy made some mistakes that cost him his freedom. Fueled with purpose and
passion, he aspires to help other young black males break generational curses, avoid poor
decisions, lead positive lives, and hoping to prevent them from becoming another casualty of

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