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James Feldkamp Featured in Recent Baltimore Post-Examiner Article

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Intelligence expert James Feldkamp was recently featured in a Baltimore Post-Examiner article due to his industry experience.

Los Angeles, USA (PRUnderground) May 7th, 2019

The creator of an ultra-popular microsite on terrorism in 2018, intelligence expert James Feldkamp, was recently featured on the Baltimore Post-Examiner due to his unparalleled influence in the industry.

Feldkamp released his terrorism-themed microsite last year because he was motivated to eradicate readers’ fears related to terrorism. Since the microsite’s release, his site has gained rave reviews from readers. In addition, Feldkamp captured the attention of a former student named Boris Dzhingarov, who decided to write a Baltimore Post-Examiner article in April on how Feldkamp had shaped his opinion of the world.

In the article, Dzhingarov emphasized that Feldkamp was one of his most fascinating professors while at George Mason University. Feldkamp is praised for helping his students to explore the underlying reasons for terrorist actions, as discovering what motivates acts of terror can help people to better understand them. According to the article, reasons for engaging in terrorism range from nationalism to vengeance and even great oppression.

The article also highlights other insights that Feldkamp has offered his students over the years. For instance, Feldkamp was recognized for his expertise regarding how propaganda influences terror, the connection between Cuban revolutionaries and terrorists, and how terrorists’ chief aim is to instill fear in the masses.

Feldkamp recently offered his thanks for the recent Baltimore Post-Examiner article and also said he wished to think his fans and readers for all of their support of his new microsite. He said he looks forward to continuing this momentum in 2019.

Feldkamp possesses more than two decades of experience in the areas of foreign policy and international security. His goal for his microsite is for more readers to develop a stronger understanding of terrorism’s roots through it. He also desires for his readers to become more adept at defending themselves against terrorists in the years ahead.

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