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Jamie Gardiner Reveals How to Grow A Marketing Business WITHOUT Websites, Coding Or Any Techie Stuff!

Industry: Advertising & Marketing

Even If You Have No Prior Marketing Results, Audience or Experience!

Australia (PRUnderground) July 23rd, 2020

A 3-step process that brought a flood of engagement, leads and sales to my business using 100% free traffic sources. In fact, within 7 days of applying these methods, his marketing business has gone from strength to strength.

This process is easier than you might expect. Firstly, select a social media platform to launch this from. He suggested Facebook as it has over 2 billion monthly users and is great for having 1-1 conversations with your audience. You can utilise other platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram etc if you prefer.

Here are the three steps to make this happen;

Content – This is the overarching canvas for you to begin painting. Think of this as a way to provide your audience with value and simultaneously build your brand.

There is a very specific framework he suggests one can use in order to get the maximum effect (This is available in the case study below).

He recommends posting 1-2 pieces of content per day which can be either written, video or imagery.

The next step is simply to go out and find people interested in the same industry as yourself. These can be found on fan pages, in community groups, friend recommendations etc.

Remember you can have up to 5,000 friends on and of course many more followers etc on some of the other social media platforms.

In order to start building your own audience, one can engage in their content. This can be done simply by writing relevant comments to their content and liking their content.

Finally, by simply reaching out and having a conversation with them, one can establish how you may be able to assist them. Some of those people may require assistance with their business. In this instance, if one has a strong diagnostic process in place, he/she can easily establish whether they may be a good fit for one of the solutions you can provide.

The caveat with this last step is to ensure there is an exchange in place commensurate with the value you can provide.
This works for Jamie Gardiner and his 300 students. You can get can check out a free case study here: https://www.jgcall.com which reveals the following steps in more detail.

About Jamie Gardiner

Jamie started his marketing journey in 2011 and has gone on to help hundreds of students and businesses with digital ad strategies, mindset and marketing strategies. If you\’re ready to become the next success story, reach out to him today!

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