Jan Pack inducted into IAOTP’s Hall of Fame

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Jan Pack, RN, BS, and COS-C will be inducted into the exclusive Hall of Fame by the International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP).

New York, NY (PRUnderground) July 2nd, 2021

Jan Pack, RN, BS, and COS-C will be inducted into the exclusive Hall of Fame by the International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP). Her expertise and extraordinary talents have afforded her this merit. She retired as a Home Health Administrator for The Evangelical Lutheran Good Samaritan Society and then worked as a Case Manager for the same organization until March 31, 2021, which marked her last day as a working nurse. She has always stated, “Once a nurse always a nurse”.

Inclusion with the International Association of Top Professionals is an honor in itself; only 10 IAOTP members are inducted into the exclusive Hall of Fame. These special honorees are distinguished based on their longevity in their fields, their contributions they have made to society, and the impact they had on their industries. Ms. Pack will be inducted into the exclusive Hall of Fame at IAOTP’s 2021 Annual Awards Gala being held at the Plaza Hotel in NYC this December. Furthermore, she will accept the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award, and she will also be honored for her 2020 selection as an Empowered Woman of the Year. www.iaotp.com/award-gala

The President of IAOTP Stephanie Cirami stated, “Choosing Ms. Pack for this most recent honor was an easy decision for our panel to make. In addition to her knowledge and commitment to the healthcare industry, Ms. Pack is empathetic and passionate about helping others. She is a true leader of her time. We look forward to honoring her accomplishments with our exclusive Hall of Fame induction.”

Ms. Pack is being recognized for this distinction for having 50 years of professional experience as a Nurse. She has certainly proven herself as an accomplished professional and expert within the healthcare industry. As a dynamic, results-driven leader, Ms. Pack has demonstrated success not only as a Home Health Administrator but in every role she has held.

Jan’s impressive repertoire of roles has included Assistant OR Manager for Morton Plant Mease Day Surgery, Director of Surgical Services for St. Mary’s Good Samaritan, Inc., and Director of Home Care for True Care Professionals. Her areas of expertise include but are not limited to administration, home healthcare, dementia care, rehabilitation nursing, and surgical nursing.

Before embarking on her administrative professional career path, Ms. Pack earned RN Degree from Addenbrooks Hospital in Cambridge, UK, and then achieved her Bachelor of Science Degree in Health Care Administration and Management with honors from St. Leo University, Florida. She is also certified as a Home Health Administrator, OASIS Specialist-Clinical, and Operating Room Nurse. Occasionally, Ms. Pack has shared her expertise as a Legal Nurse Consultant.

Throughout her remarkable career, Ms. Pack has received awards and accolades and has been recognized worldwide for her outstanding leadership and commitment to the healthcare and homecare industry. She has graced the front cover of TIP (Top Industry Professionals) Magazine and was selected as Top Nurse of the Year by the International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP) in 2019. She was also honored as Top Nurse of the Year and as a Lifetime Achiever by several Who’s Who organizations. In addition to her successful career, Ms. Pack is a member of the National Association of Homecare and Hospice, the Association of Operating Nurses, the Iowa Homecare Association, and the Iowa Association of Healthcare

Looking back, Ms. Pack attributes her success to her education and experiences, mentors she has had the pleasure of working alongside, and staying passionate in all her business endeavors. When not working, she enjoys traveling and spending time with family and friends. For the future, she hopes to continue making an impact in her patients’ lives and within healthcare and homecare. Ms. Pack also hopes to encourage others to pursue a career in nursing.

During her career Jan entered a different avenue, she became a ballroom/Latin dancer along with her husband mostly with Holland America. She did this for a little over 5 years cruising to many wonderful and exotic places. By watching the video, you will see why one of the Cruise Directors stated to the audience after they left the stage “Jan’s costume is made by the air-conditioning department”.  It was on board that she truly learnt how to achieve the best possible customer service. Her roles on board extended to Shore Excursion Manager and Hostess, all of which she loved, but dancing was her joy. She did start a dance studio for a short time teaching. One of her sayings to men was that “nobody has two left feet”. It was always an honor and a pleasure to perform, make a passenger’s cruise the best, and also thoroughly enjoy life on board a cruise ship.

Recently Jan became a member of the Clarke County Board of Health; she values this appointment as a way to continue helping the community. She continues to care for those in need; it is an inherent part of her to listen to the needs of others and do her utmost to help where she still can.

While working as a nurse, in recent years, she developed a life-changing auto-immune issue which rendered her gluten and dairy intolerant. From this she worked at developing recipes which she now sells at the local farmers market during the summer. Her baking is allergy free; no gluten, dairy, nuts or eggs are used. She calls it “Jan’s Delectable Delights”. She also holds this as an educational opportunity that just because they don’t include these ingredients doesn’t mean they don’t taste good. Everything is made from scratch, so she knows exactly what is in each product; this results in all products being not only allergy free but vegan as well. Now that she is retired from nursing, she has been able to concentrate more on these, developing her delightful repertoire. This year she introduced three new products, toffee, peppermint patties, and brownies along with her usual list of chocolate cupcakes (friends who hate frosting can’t wait to get a taste of this one!!), oatmeal raisin cookies (which she adds are now sugar free), Polish cookies, jam tarts, energy bars, trail mix, and graham crackers. It has been amazing to her that these have been selling like crazy; every week she is selling out of at least 2 to 3 products which is so enjoyable, so satisfying to provide. It doesn’t matter if customers have food allergies or not. With samples to taste, all purchase her products and then come back time and time again to buy more. It has become her joy to bake for others, and watch the faces of the children when they taste the toffee or peppermint patties, both of which are in lollipop style.


“I had the privilege to work with Jan Pack for 3 years. And in that time frame she has taught me a lot about the hospital settings on how things should be done and about nursing. Jan is an astounding and incredible human being. Her passion for teaching and helping others surpasses anyone I have ever met. She has accomplished so many things that most of us just dream about. She has seen the world. I know Jan loves what she does. You can see it from smile on her face and the expression in her eyes. I loved working with her so much.  And was incredibly sad when she left our little facility to pursue bigger and better opportunities. Really, in all honesty all I can say that it was an honor to meet and work with this astounding woman. She truly is remarkable.  I am honored to call her my friend.”

Michele (Tate) Catron

“I am extremely honored to have had the opportunity to work side by side with such an extraordinary nurse. Jan’s expertise in nursing is by far superior! Her passion for nursing not only is shown by the love and care she gives to her clientele but also with the natural mentoring she provides to her employees. I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to have had Jan as my mentor for the last eight years. It has been my honor to work under you and you deserve every award they give you.”

Shelia Wood. HHA GSS Home Care

“A new director always gets a little extra attention when he/she arrives but Jan Pack attracted a little more than the usual attention.

The first thing you would notice is she talks funny.  She is from England with a typical accent. Secondly, rumor had it she had been a cruise director. Hmmm. Interesting. But two Saint Bernard’s at the same time, heroic!

Put all this together and you have a friendly, funny person.  One who cares about her staff and her patients.  She was my mentor and she is still my friend.  She encouraged me and supported me in the ideas I had to improve and teach staff.”

Miss Mo, RN, Retired: Former Surgery Educator, Good Samaritan Mt Vernon, Illinois

Jan is a blessing from God.  She isn’t just a nurse that comes into your home for medical reasons. She becomes a friend to the entire family. Jan took great care of my father after his stroke up until his passing at the age of 92.  Her visits with him made him very happy.  Even though I was far away, she kept me informed regarding every aspect of his mental and physical health.  I would watch and listen to her visits on in-home cameras I had installed in his home, and I could tell he would be happy when she was there talking with him. She not only helped my father she helped me.  She knew just how much I loved my father and how I wanted to make sure he was safe in his home.  But I was not good at communicating with him on his safety without making him feel as if he was no longer an adult. Jan took the time to talk to me and teach me what to say and not to make him feel dependent on me. She was able to keep his dignity.  For that I am very grateful. Even though my father is no longer with us, Jan will always be in my heart and a part of my family.


Toni Johnson

 “A number of years ago, before illnesses hit the cruise industry, Holland America Cruise Lines had an entertainment group called the Cruise Staff.  It consisted of a Cruise Director and his assistant, a hostess, a dance team, sports director and youth counselor.  Today it has changed dramatically.  During these earlier times a new dance team came aboard, Jan Guest and Robert Pack.  An elegant twosome, they performed a number of evenings on stage presenting the foxtrot, waltz, swing and cha-cha beautifully, among others, even in rough seas.  Not an easy task.  In addition, they conducted dance classes for the passengers as well as helping out in other areas.  They were very much in love and married while working on the ships.  Jan had come from England where she had been a nurse, but put that aside, to a certain extent, to learn the many steps involved in dancing, she still nursed when back on land, and always seemed to be in the right place at the right time when incidents occurred on the ships.  She had a beautiful figure and a waistline of about 18 inches.  Simply Stunning!! She was however able to use her expertise in nursing to help the Hostess who had fallen and broken her wrist.  As time passed, duties changed and she stopped dancing and became the Shore Excursion Manager, a very challenging position.  Robert had become the Assistant Cruise Director. Having left the cruising industry, she went back fulltime to her first love, nursing, she had already achieved her US RN, now returned to doing what her heart, and soul loved so much. Now it is 50 yrs. in this profession, but no-one who saw her dance will ever forget the elegance of this dance team.”

Didi Thatcher Weyforth: Hostess Holland America Line.

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