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Jared Seyl to Host Fireside Chat with ‘Toughest Man Alive’

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The ‘Toughest Man Alive,’ David Goggins, will speak with Jared Seyl of Farmers Insurance during a fireside chat in August 2019.

Los Angeles, USA (PRUnderground) May 21st, 2019

The “Toughest Man Alive,” retired Navy SEAL David Goggins, will inform and inspire agents of Farmers Insurance – Jared Seyl in Denver this summer during a fireside chat as part of a reward for their becoming members of the top district in the nation in sales in 2018.

The event will take place on Friday, Aug. 30, from 9 a.m. to noon at the Denver Marriott Tech Center. During the event, Goggins will discuss the power of a person’s mindset, including the importance of constantly working on become the best version of oneself.

According to Seyl, Goggins is well qualified to engage in the fireside chat, as he is the sole United States Armed Forces member to finish SEAL training as well as Air Force Tactical Air Controller training and United States Army Ranger School. On top of this, Goggins currently holds the Guinness record for the largest quantity of pull-ups completed in a 24-hour period. Goggins has also achieved first place multiple times in savage endurance events that attract tough competitors from across the globe.

According to Goggins, there is no such thing as motivation. Instead, purpose is far more powerful than motivation could ever be. Goggins has also emphasized the importance of deconstructing things mentally. For instance, if a person has a goal, he should focus on getting through each small piece of the goal, one at a time. Only then will he be able to reach the finish line with confidence.

Goggins has also emphasized the power of remembering the 40% rule. According to this rule, when people think they are finished with something, the truth is that they are done with just 40% of it. This rule implies that people are able to do far more than they perceive themselves to be able to do. The reason for this, according to Goggins, is that a reserve tank is inside each person, and people often do not tap into these tanks. Only if they push themselves to their limits and break them can they reach their full potential.

Goggins in the past has also called attention to the importance of being willing to endure suffering. The more that people put themselves in positions to struggle, the more likely they are to strengthen their minds as well as their resolve. In addition, he has taught on the power of mental visualization. — the idea that a person must see himself accomplishing a goal before it can truly happen. In other words, according to Goggins, his mind must conceive it before his body achieves it.

Seyl said he looks forward to watching how Goggins’ personal stories and admonition will continue fuel his team’s passion to their current success to the next level in 2019. Farmers Insurance – Jard Seyl has attracted a number of positive reviews over the past few months alone, with clients praising the company for being professional, encouraging, and helpful. The company’s aim is to continue to provide high-quality insurance products at reasonable prices and in a manner that meets individuals’ changing needs in the years ahead.

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